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Rebrand to Refocus: Part One - Optimus Performance Marketing

Rebrand to Refocus: Part One - Optimus Performance Marketing


We spoke to Mark Russell, Managing Director of Optimus Performance Marketing...

So, approximately a month has passed since the rebrand from existem-am to Optimus Performance Marketing. What were the reasons behind the rebrand?

"The change was needed for a number of reasons, really. Firstly, we’ve always had a growth strategy, whether it’s clients or personnel. In order to grow within this industry we need to be flexible and adapt to changes which take place. Affiliate Marketing still remains the core of the business, however affiliate business models are increasingly incorporating other performance channels.

"Clients are also increasingly demanding help and advice in other areas of performance marketing.The rebrand to Optimus Performance Marketing is reflective of both the present and future of the industry."

How long did it take to put the transition in place? What were the biggest challenges during this time?

"It took around 6 months from the idea to completion. The biggest challenges were finding a name and a look that encompassed both our heritage, and future ambitions. This will ensure that we will have a brand that will stand the test of time."

How do you feel the re-brand has gone overall?

"We chose the annual BBQ as the launch of the new brand, which saw key partners of the company in attendance. This both underpinned our commitment to personal relationships as a driver of our success as well as providing a suitably social backdrop to the occasion.

"On a business level this has obviously injected new interest into the company from a business perspective, as well as providing fresh excitement internally.

"What you have seen so far is really only the visible part of a number of initiatives that Optimus-PM is bringing to the business over the coming months that will perhaps be an even more concrete statement about our direction and growth into the future."

What are you now offering clients in terms of performance, following the re-branding?

"Our range of services still covers Affiliate Programme Management, but as the market embraces new platforms and technologies such as Mobile, and Social Media, we’re able to offer our clients help and advice over a wider range of. We are now able to offer clients who don’t require full programme management with a consultancy and training service bespoke to their requirements. All of our services maintain our stance on providing honesty, transparency and ROI in all we do."

You're all booked up for the exhibition hall at the a4uexpo next month - are you looking forward to it?

"This looks to be one of the most varied Expo’s to-date, so we’re looking forward to showcasing our new company rebrand and services to the industry. Mark is participating in a session alongside fellow industry leaders and we are greatly looking forward to participating in the clinic."

Why should people attend?

"Expo remains one of the key focal points of the industry year and as such it is important for all stakeholders to be present. With a year that has seen so many changes and new debates such as the EU Privacy Directive, the inexorable rise of social and mobile ), not to mention the challenge of the global economy to the online world – it is crucially important to be part of the discussion. The A4U Expo provides the formal as well as social platform for this industry conversation to take place."

This is why attendance to the Expo is highly recommended.

Lastly, what are you looking to achieve at the expo and who should come and speak to you?

"We welcome speaking to anyone with an interest in performance marketing – potential client, publisher or networks alike. We are constantly looking at ways of adding value to our a client’s business – which translates into value for all stakeholders. Additionally this is the biggest opportunity since the re-brand to bring Optimus-PM to the widest audience, which we fully intend to make the most of. If you’re looking to grow your sales from performance marketing then feel free to come along to stand 17 and have a chat!"

part two coming soon.

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