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6 years
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Matomy Market, the affiliate marketing unit of Matomy Media Group, has announced the launch of an enhanced affiliate program management platform and service, allowing advertisers to market through affiliate partnerships in the online world and pay only for actual results. This is a new addition to Matomy Market’s performance offering to advertisers which complements their proprietary conversion tracking technology.

The affiliate program management solution includes affiliate program consultation, affiliate recruitment and retention, tracking technology, enhanced reporting and management tools, and services such as fraud control, professional services, financial processing and administrative support, all done in an advertiser branded environment.

“As we planned the development of our affiliate program management product, we saw that the current options provide tools and technology but have neglected the importance of the advertiser-affiliate relationship. With us, affiliates register for a program and perform all their activities in an exclusive, branded setting, which has improved loyalty and performance for our advertisers,” says Matomy Market CEO, Adi Orzel. ” This, combined with the strong track record of our performance network, the global media reach and channel diversity of Matomy Media Group, and the top-notch technology we provide, means our advertisers get the benefits of a large, reliable affiliate network with the customization options of a white-label.”

Matomy Market’s performance marketing platform, first developed in 2006, has served as a prime example of the flexibility and scalability of in-house development, where new features can be more efficiently accommodated and scaled up to meet the requirements of the dynamic affiliate marketing industry. Attractions of the affiliate program management offering include tracking and optimization of CPS and RevShare campaigns as well as affiliate relationship features including publisher transparency and automated communication tools, administrative services like affiliate payments management, and something unique across affiliate networks: a publisher experience that is totally branded.

Some clients of the new affiliate program management solution include EL AL Israel Airlines, iMesh, MySupermarket, Kabam, BidWiz, and YoudaGames.

For more information contact Mor Meroz, Marketing Manager