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A4u Programme Of The Week: O2

A4u Programme Of The Week: O2


Name: O2

Affiliate Manager: Simon Hofmeister


Currently, what are O2's best selling products, and how can Affiliates take advantage of this?

Over the past quarter O2 have rolled out some very juicy sales on mobile contracts which have been incredibly popular with both consumers and affiliates. Some of the most sought after handsets including the Samsung Galaxy S II, Blackberry Torch and the HTC Sensation were given away free with very affordable tariffs in some instances saving consumers up to £149. Tie that in with a hefty cash back amount and the deals fly off those virtual shelves! We send out communications to all affiliates the day before a sale is due to go live so this is definitely something for affiliate to watch out for.

The mighty iPhone is obviously up there with the best selling handsets as well. Historically O2 didn’t pay a commission on iPhone sales as they are so popular they pretty much sell themselves however we were fully aware that other networks pay out on the iPhone and that we needed to show affiliates how much we value their efforts. As a result we have started paying out on iPhone contracts which has been very well received.

Sim Only (or ‘Simplicity’) is also a really big area. O2 recently launched a very competitive £10.50, 12 month tariff (300 mins unlimited texts, 500mb data) which has ben very popular and is well worth affiliates promoting.

There’s also a lot going on with broadband. O2 have an ongoing offer whereby anyone taking out The All Rounder (by far the best selling package) or The Works gets their first 3 months free (existing O2 customers also get £5 a month off per month). Plus, as part of O2s highly successful retention model, if you’ve been an O2 customer for 2 years or more your first 6 months are absolutely free! There’s also new messaging surrounding usage in that The All Rounder and The Works now come with truly unlimited downloads.

Of course the affiliate’s ability to take advantage of all of these great products and offers is very much dependant on how well we communicate to them. That’ why O2 are currently investing a lot of time into researching better ways to effectively communicate with affiliates so watch this space on that one!

You currently allow all promotional types of affiliate to be accepted onto your programme.

For such a big brand, how to do effectively manage any brand control guidelines across your Affiliates?

O2 do indeed have strict brand guidelines and we have a number of things in place to monitor this. First off the new Darwin platform allows us to share our brand guidelines with affiliates so that they can see how to represent the O2 brand on site. Secondly we have additional resource at our disposal in the shape of an Exec who carries out regular audits on the affiliates to ensure that they are adhering to the guidelines. We also have very good relationships with the top affiliates on the programme and can work closely and quickly with them to change copy, creative or pricing if needs be.

What current commission rates are you offering?

Currently the standard commission rates are as follows:

  • Mobile Contracts: £50
  • Sim Only 12 Month Contracts: £50
  • Sim Only 30 Day Contracts: £25 (not applicable for Cashback sites)
  • Pay As You Go: £3.50
  • Free Sim: £5 per activated sim
  • Accessories: 10%
  • Business: £50
  • Mobile Broadband Contract: £60
  • Mobile Broadband Pay As You Go: £25
  • Home Broadband - The Basics: £50
  • Home Broadband – The All Rounder: £80
  • Home Broadband – The Works: £100
  • Any Home Broadband Package Plus Home Phone: Additional £10
  • Recycle: £3 (on products valued at £4 or more)
  • Travel Insurance – Single Trip/Flow: £5
  • Travel Insurance – Annual: £10

However we are very happy to run bespoke commission rates with any affiliates who can offer additional exposure. Please just get in touch if you’d like to discuss something bespoke.

Any tips for Affiliates on how to prepare for any launch of new smart phones...wink wink.

My tip would be to ask us for anything you need! We will always try and provide as much creative and content as we can but if you require anything bespoke just let us know!

Similarly if you can review a handset we’d be happy to send one to you. Unfortunately we may need it back again but we’re happy to do anything we can to help add unique content about O2 to your site.

Anything else our readers should know?

I think it’s important for affiliates to remember that O2 are not just about mobile phones. There is a whole portfolio of products for affiliates to promote with more on the horizon including the re-launch of O2 Money. It is likely to be a closed programme but we will be contacting relevant finance affiliate in due course. Please do get in touch if you would like to be considered for the programme.

We also recently conducted an affiliate survey which highlighted some strengths of the programme as well as some areas for improvement and we are working hard to iron these out.

It’s probably also worth letting you know who’s on the account:

Account Director

Nick Caulfield –

Account Manager

Simon Hofmeister –

Account Executive

Roisin Hanratty -

Visit the O2 Affiliate Programme Now.

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