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Top 50 Industry Players from 2017 bought by Rakuten for £25m bought by Rakuten for £25m


£25 Million Deal

With over 14 million registered users, has been acquired by Japan's e-commerce operator Rakuten, for a reported cash deal of £25 million. Rakuten are also parent company of the LinkShare Affiliate Network, who were acquired by the Japanese e-commerce giant in 2005., one of the UK's biggest e-tailers, has been bought presumably to enhance Rakuten's presence in the UK market, with the potential of expanding's business model into wider markets.

Hiroshi Mikitani, Chairman and CEO of Rakuten, said:

"The UK market is one of Europe's largest and most mature e-commerce markets.

" is not only a pioneer in the market, but also one of the UK's most successful e-commerce businesses.

"We aim to leverage our e-commerce strength and experience to further expand and develop's business model and channel its loyal user base, merchants, and deep product offerings into Rakuten's global e-commerce network."

Affiliate Heritage

The affiliate programme has changed hands over its affiliate history, and currently resides on the Affiliate Window network.

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