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Product Feeds 101: Q&A with Fusepump

Product Feeds 101: Q&A with Fusepump


What are the best converting verticals for all of the feeds you supply? How much has this changed over a 3 / 6 month period?

"We see the most success from feeds in Travel, Retail and Mobile categories. There is some seasonality of course with retail outperforming other sectors in the lead up to Christmas while Travel tends to perform best in the Spring. Mobile tends to be much more consistent as there is less seasonality in this market."

Lee Brignell-Cash

On a high converting feed affiliate's website, what would you say are the best places to place your data feeds for heightened awareness / click through and conversions?

I could probably duck out of this question by simply stating that all affiliate sites are different.

However, it’s fair to say that the more innovative and useful the application of the feeds, the higher the likely conversion. For example, if an affiliate provides some form of comparison, search or filtering against a set of data feeds they are much more likely to generate conversions than simply plastering their site with graphics and text links. This is because you are actually helping the consumer get closer to the product that they are most likely to want to purchase.

What mistakes have some people made when using product feeds? Any tips for higher a conversion?

A big mistake is to simply download a feed and try and display all the products in a flat table on a web page. There is limited user benefit here as there is no functionality in a simple listing and the affiliate is unlikely to attract the user back to their site again. It’s much better to inspect the feed in advance and see how you might want to utilise relevant attributes that compliment your user experience.

For example, say you had a site that reviews products, why not ensure that you utilise the customer review rating attributes from the retailer feeds too so that you can align the use of the feed with the functionality that the users would expect.

How much more valuable is a constantly updated product feed to an Affiliate, compared to on that is occasionally updated?

The simple fact is that a lot of affiliates stopped using product feeds because of a lack of quality across the industry. This is obviously one of the key issues that FusePump and other feed creation companies address. It’s obvious that an out of date feed won’t convert well.

The main reasons are that there are likely to be expired links, links to products that are now out of stock and incorrect pricing (particularly coming in and out of sale periods). None of these experiences are good for the user and will not only lead to decreased conversion, but decreased traffic for the affiliate as the user goes elsewhere in future.

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