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TradeDoubler's New Interface - Reviewed

TradeDoubler's New Interface - Reviewed


If you haven't already noticed, TradeDoubler have launched the first phase of their new publisher interface which was released on the 5th September. According to their website, this is the first of many new improvements they will be rolling out over the next couple of months so as to optimize the functionality of their interface and enhance communication to and from their affiliates.

The first thing that strikes you about the new design is a brand new top navigation layout along with a new graph which shows you, by default, the commissions for the current week compared with the last. This is a good way to see at a glance if there have been any dramatic falls or rises in earnings to your account; the new curves and colours are a welcome change to the utilitarian sparsity of the old design.

TradeDoubler New Interface

This new commission graph is highly customisable - you can use the helpful slider in the top right of the graph to control the length of time for the reports, (24 hours, 7 days or 4 weeks) as well as select what you want reported, such as the number of clicks, impressions, leads etc. You can now also personalise your statistics on a site-by-site or global level – this is especially useful for International affiliates who have sites across many different countries. An overview of commissions per site/country can be found on a drop down underneath the graph which has self-explanatory green, red and blue arrows to show trends in your commissions.

The new dashboard is reminiscent of the (relatively) new Affiliate Window Darwin dashboard which shares the same comparative snapshot of affiliate commission information and similarly allows affiliates to join all new merchant programs directly from their dashboard. However, unlike AffiliateWindow, how to access to any web services and APIs is much less transparent.

One of my favourite new features is the ability to look at the settings, ad management and statistics for a different country’s program in your own language. The interface now flows smoothly between the different international sites in your own preferred language – eliminating the need to use any online translation software. However, joining up to programs is still on site-by-site– something I hope future releases will simplify.

Overall, the same functionality remains but it is now accessible with much less effort. So although there has been little change in the content of the site, it is more satisfying to use –finishing touches such as the sliding bar on the dashboard or the little flags next to your site name lend themselves to a more pleasing user navigation experience.

So what is in store for future releases? Well, according to their website, there will be two main new pieces of functionality. First, a "core optimizer" will automatically choose which banner placements to show on your website. And secondly, a new “communication centre” will appear on your start which enables you to get a filterable stream of news, special offers and voucher codes from advertisers, meaning that the emails received from TradeDoubler will only be those critical in nature. All of which should further enhance what is already an excellent tool.

Release information can be found here

by Catherine Siviter, Operations Analyst for Skimlinks.

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Catherine Siviter

Catherine Siviter

I specialise in merchant and network implementaions for Skimlinks.

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