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Another Survey? - The Importance of a Census for Affiliates

Another Survey? - The Importance of a Census for Affiliates


Yes, it's another survey...

...but have you actually thought about the reasons you are supplying anonymous data about your affiliate activity?

Survey's Showcase Opportunity.

With the UK having recently entered economic difficulty, it would be unsurprising to see many marketing channels in a worried state about a new, seemingly untested threat to digital marketing. Not in the case of affiliates, though. In 2009, 55% of affiliates saw the economic unrest as an opportunity compared to less than a third who regarded the economic crisis as a threat.

The rush of discount-led consumers throughout this drawn out recession is there for all to see, enter the recent acquisition of by WhaleShark Media for an estimated $40 million, plus in 2010 Kieron Donoghue sold his discount site, Pete Anderson wanted £171k for his and a discount voucher domain was purchased by an affiliate to protect his brand for £100k. Not to mention the conversation Ray Theakston was having at a4uexpo last October.

Also in the 2009 UK Affiliate Census:

"In 2009 the most important method of affiliate marketing was “true content”, which more than a third of affiliates (36%) cited as their top category for generating revenue. A fifth of affiliates (20%) were most reliant on PPC while voucher code and cash-back websites (combined) were the top revenue generating category for 10% of publishers surveyed."

Earlier this year the Google Panda update shook the serps quite considerably, creating many disadvantages / advantages for thousands of affiliates. If the most imporant method of affiliate marketing WAS true content, I wonder 'post-panda' how many affiliates have begun to utilise other 'methods' of affiliate marketing?

What has this meant for affiliates? Well, two years on and the affiliate industry is thriving under the performance marketing 'umbrella' - with the CPA model sitting pretty against other payment metrics and added to this there is seemingly more Affiliate Programmes launching with competitive commisison rates and a huge crossover from online publisher's who are using the CPA model in their activities.

Why Another Survey Then?

From an Affiliate Manager / Online Marketing Manager perspective, the findings from a UK census are used to document the successes, concerns and opportunities an affiliate programme can bring to the business, and the role affiliates can play in driving sales.

Used as a bargaining tool when extra budget is available, or for understanding what affiliates value most as best practice, transparent approaches to programme management, the UK census is more than just numbers - it provides you and those who want to work with you insight and development strategies.

New Technologies Need Documenting

In 2009, when asked about their view on the 'last click wins' reward model, affiliates were fairly evenly placed in their viewpoints, with 34% believing 'last click should always win', 24% believing 'first session cookie should apply', and both 'commission split evenly between affiliates' and 'commission split based on analysis of contribution' receiving 18% each. - With the rise of multi-attribution software and more emphasis on the role last click pays, it is highly relevant to document the Affiliate consensus for 2011.

Let's not forget in the space of two years times have certainly changed. 2009's census asked questions involving thoughts on the 'rise of the mobile internet', of which only 10% of respondants believed it to be a threat - not sure that would be the same now!

Product Feeds, Retargeting, Remarketing - It all needs documenting!

So - Affiliates...

Help shape your future, and the future of other affiliates around you.

Please take an estimated 10 minutes of your day to enter the survey. No matter if you're full-time / part-time / hobbying / dabbling(!) in Affiliate Marketing, we need to hear from you.

Enter the Survey today - It's anonymous, and you'll even receive a copy of the report for free too!

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