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a4uexpo London 2011 Agenda Announced

a4uexpo London 2011 Agenda Announced


a4uexpo London 2011

Moving to one of Europe's largest Hotel & Conference centre's, a4uexpo London is taking place on the 18th-19th October 2011 - just over 6 weeks away!

Today the A4u team have released the comprehensive two day conference agenda, showcasing over 40 sessions across three simulataneous tracks, complete with a 'Performance Marketing Health Clinic' where delegates can receive 1-2-1 advice and live site analysis for your business, from experts across a variety of fields including SEO, Attribution, Email Marketing, Fraud & Programme Compliance, Conversion Optimisation and Online PR.

This year's agenda features over 40 new speakers, covering all angles of Performance Marketing including Affiliate, Search, Lead Generation, Mobile & M-Commerce, Retargeting, Product Level Marketing and Attribution, plus much more.

Check out this year's agenda now - Day One | Day Two

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Notable Agenda Highlights

With so many sessions that I'm personally looking forward to attending, I thought I'd highlight a few sessions within this year's agenda.

Debate: Isn't it About Time Networks Added Value - Day One - 17:15-18:15

A panel consisting of two network heads in Mark Walters (MD, Affiliate Window) and Rob Wilson (Market Unit Leader North West Europe, TradeDoubler) alongside Helen Southgate (BSkyB / IAB AMC Chair) and Matt Bailey (MD, Performance Horizon) will discuss how networks are positioned within the industry today. Have they concentrated too much on the low hanging fruit of CashBack, voucher and PPC and are not innovating enough?

Is the pace of technology and innovation slowing down? Are they falling behind on emerging channels such as mobile and social media, is this to the detriment of their Clients and Affiliates? Networks sit on a gold mine of data, why are they not using it?

As always our Q&A;'s allow delegates to ask frank and honest questions about the future role of networks within the channel.

Post Panda : Affiliates Guide to Surviving Google - Day One - 14:30-15:30

Google’s ‘Panda’ algorithm update sent shockwaves through the online community earlier this year, and many affiliate sites have struggled to rank well ever since. But all is not lost - this presentation will cover a number of strategies and concepts which affiliates can use to improve their Google organic search traffic. In particular, we’ll look at how an affiliate can develop their site as a trusted online brand, with the aim of boosting traffic from organic search.

Among the strategies covered in this presentation are the SEO tactics which affiliates can use to achieve the best results in Google. What are the most effective content strategies for ranking highly but naturally in Google, and how can you effectively target converting keywords? How can you use social media to build an online brand?

Find out all this and more in this wide-ranging presentation from Kevin Gibbons and Daniel Bianchini (SEOOptimise) to make sure you’re best equipped to survive a panda algorithm slap!

The Science of Influence & Engagement - Day One - 09:00-10:00

The business of affiliate marketing would be a bunch easier if we better understood how people think. The good news is scientists have been studying influence and engagement for decades.

This session will cover how the science of psychology, behavioural economics and game theory can help us market our products and services with more success. If you need to influence or persuade somebody to do something then this is the session for you.

Will Critchlow (Distilled), Kelvin Newman (Site Visibility) and Stephen Pavlovich (Conversion Factory) will take you through this session.

The Agency Head Grill - Day Two - 14:30-15:30

Agencies are incredibly influential within the relationship and can either wither a programme into inefficiency or in most cases catapult it into the forefront of publisher's business models.

Join our panel of senior Agency heads as we discuss with them trends, opportunities and how to best utilise their expertise and networks as a network, advertiser or publisher.

There Must Be 50 Ways to Leave Your Merchant - Day One - 17:15-18:15

We've all had emails from merchants announcing offers that end in the next two hours, we've had newsletters with broken links and lorem ipsum in places, in this session Dom Hodgson (hodgetastic) will be going through stories, emails, newsletters and tweets that have driven affiliates mad!

You'll laugh (Dom hopes).. You'll cry (if you're mentioned) but we hope everyone will leave this session with a greater understanding of the affiliates mindset!

New Ways to Drive Revenue from PPC - Day Two - 17:15-18:15

Discover new strategies on driving performance from video and mobile search.

Join Sri Sharma (netmediaplanet) as he unleashes Net Media Planet’s approach to YouTube advertising that lead to the A4U Innovation Award for Paid Search in 2011.

Take away ideas and tips on how to grow your results and open up your PPC advertising to grow your reach and reduce your reliance on Adwords. Ultimately growing your results both in the UK and Internationally.

The Platform Enigma - 12:00-13:00 - Day Two

Starting or re-launching an affiliate programme can be a minefield of options and ultimately decisions. Let’s look at the options; Network exclusivity, dual network approaches, agency led white labels, taking the crème in-house, outsourced software, agency managed, leaving the long-tail with a network, or building a bespoke, fully fledged in-house solution?

That’s quite a list! - Join our panel as we share experiences, thoughts and results from advertisers who have taken alternate roads.

Discover the pro’s and con’s, the implications with regards to tracking, support, product level marketing, payments and account management.

You’ll leave this session (hopefully) a little less bewildered about the options available to you as an advertiser and critically understand the affiliate mindset with each option and the positive or negative impact to the bottom line when viewed holistically.

View The Whole Agenda - Day One and Day Two

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