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Hands Up If You Think Publishers Play Too Much Poker!

Hands Up If You Think Publishers Play Too Much Poker!


Confidence was high when myself and A4u Founder Matthew Wood turned up at Jack's Lounge in South London for the annual Affilinet poker tournament, where those publishers with a thirst for poker turned out to compete in the chance to win a seat at the Affilinet European Poker Final.

Having recently finished second in the battle of the Bristol-based Affiliate, namely A4u vs VoucherCloud, in our recent poker evening, I was confident I could eclipse Mr Wood's aggresive poker stance and find myself in the top 10.

Turns out I was wrong!

I ended up finsihing around about the 30th Mark, whilst Mr Wood did infact make the top 10, althought to be fair he didn't brag about it that much. Oh, wait...


How the Poker unfolded

After what must have been a whole FOUR minutes, the first 'competitor' was eliminated. Turned out to be this joker, who was presented with a gift upon his exit:

Josh James. Nuff Said.

There were also notable 'bounty's' placed on publisher heads, including last year's winner Jess Markwood, and the recent poker 'tv star' Simon Higgins.

The table I was sat on to begin with (and end with, unfortunately!) consisted of a Mr James Little, Joel Tobias, Carl Kisseih, Chris Johnson, Simon Elliott, Jonathan Moakes, Matthew Wood and Rich Foister - Never an easy table!

Poker Face Time.

A few notable poker faces...

Matthew Wood and Jonathan Moakes

Matthew Wood's Poker Face

Roberto Berrisford

Rob Berrisford

Mark White


The Winners

Congratulations to the following, who finished in the top 10 and will be flying out to Majorca for the European Final in a few weeks time!

1st place – Simon Higgins, UK Frenzy 2nd place – Peter Chaplin, Freemax Media 3rd place – Barney Willis, eCircle 4th place – Julia Stent, Forward Internet Group 5th place – Evelyn MacKinnon, eConversions 6th place – Henry Boyson, Forward Internet Group 7th place – Matt Wood, A4u 8th place – Richard Foister, eConversions 9th place – Rob Berresford, Crowdity 10th place – Laurence Genet, Nectar

You can catch the rest of the photos from the event here.

Big thanks to Affilinet and sponsors for putting on another great poker night, with a large range of Affilinet's Advertisers and Agency contacts also in attendance, it was a great opportunity to network and catch up with the staff at Affilinet - here's to the next one!

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