Betterware Launches a brand new website to offer more to their customers

6 years
    Press Release

Launched on 15th August this up-to-date site brings a fresh side to Betterware which is seen as mostly a catalogue brand. They sell a variety of different items including homeware, cleaning products, garden essentials, electrical appliances, personal care products and mobility aids.

The improved website functionality and search means that people can find what they are looking for in a click of a button. Betterware have tripled the number of categories giving a much more precise structure and it allows customers to view products in specific category, giving less products but a better match.

Betterware have also improved the product descriptions and the product images, introducing a new image zoom feature which allows customers to see the products in detail before deciding to purchase. Betterware will also be adding better order tracking, so customers can see where their goods are and when they will be delivered. Betterware have also introduced PayPal giving people the choice of how to purchase their goods.

Other features include the Google +1 button and the introduction of social media, as well as product reviews. All of these elements combine to create an easy to use, informative site which will go from strength to strength.