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'Head of Affiliate' Role Gains 55% Increase In Average Salary

'Head of Affiliate' Role Gains 55% Increase In Average Salary


The 'Digital Salary Survey' for H1 2011 has been released this week by Propel, and it's no surprise that the Media and Performance Marketing industries continue to shift the largest proportion of overall vacancies within the digital sector.

According to Propel's figures, the average salary for the Performance industry is £40.8k per annum, with an average application per vacancy of 2.65. This average is beaten only by UX / IA and Mobile, £47.7k and £43.5k respectively.

Affiliate Account Salaries

When comparing to the second half of 2010, salary averages for Account Managers was £26.7k, down -9.7% (2010: £29.6k). Account Directors also saw a small drop compared to H2:2010, with the average salary now £34.6k (2010: £35k). There was however a large increase in the average salary for those who are 'Head of Affiliate', where the average salary is £77.5k, up +55% on H2:2010's average of £55k.

Speaking with Phil Haselhurst, Marketing Manager at Propel, he informed A4u that Affiliate roles acquire an average 'application per vacany' of around 2, falling short of the Performance figure of 2.65, highlighting the fact that Affilate and Performance vacancies are hard to fill, as candidates are rare within the digital sphere and of those who are working within, aren't often floating around on the jobs market.

Is it really that hard to hire for Affiliate vacancies?

Adam Ross, COO of Affiliate Window and

"Finding people who want to work in affiliate marketing isn’t a problem at all. It’s an attractive industry where candidates can gain a solid grounding in a number of areas of online. There’s quite a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere and with it being such a young industry, it’s always going to be an exciting place to work.

"Problems arise when you need to find experience. Sometimes candidates seem to have relevant previous roles but at interview they fall short or have unrealistic salary expectations. Many years ago this problem was at its worst, so we invested heavily in training programmes to create our own experts. This is still by far our best recruitment channel, with many of our senior positions held by homegrown talent, but when the business moves at a faster pace than the training programmes, it can create issues."

Gavin Male, Managing Director of TMN Group (Parent Company of AffiliateFuture):

"Following the recent restructure in AffiliateFuture UK we were looking for a number of employees in all levels of the was hard going.

"A lot of employees get to move up the ladder in this industry relatively quickly but often their new employment relates to their theoretical ability from a CV rather than their actual ability to carry out a specific role. Job hopping seems relatively common in the industry due to the relative lack of individuals with ‘perceived’ experience and this can often result in inflated demands for salary.

"As someone looking to build a company with longevity, I’m after people with a track record of commitment, not just those that say they are committed in an interview. With this in mind, we decided to transfer expertise from within the other divisions of TMN Group rather than recruit external individuals for some of our middle manager roles. This gave good career progression for existing staff, and secondly there is no defined boundary for 'talent' therefore promoting from within you can oversee development."

Industr Salary Trend

Search Salaries

Search salaries at Junior to Middleweight vacancies remain mostly unchanged, with Search Account Executives and Search Account Managers averaging £22.1k and £26.7k respectively, changes of 0% and +2.1% when compared to H2 2010. Search Account Directors made the biggest gain, with a 17.5% increase in average salary, now at £48.8k (2010: £41.5k)

Notable Salary Movers / Shakers.

Across the other Media & Performance roles, there were large increases for Head's of Business Development (+18.4%) and Head's of Ad Ops / Trafficking (+15.1%).

Social Salaries for Strategy / Direction and Client Services saw mostly hefty drops in average salaries, with Social Account Managers down -16.6% and 'Head of Social Media' down -12.9% to an average of £51.6k

Mobile... (the 'year' is here remember!) has seen significant rises in Mobile Marketing and Development, complementing recent reports that on average 12% of all searches are done via a mobile device. Mobile Marketing Managers can look forward to a +37.7% change in average salary, now £56.2k, as brand clients look for talent within the sector to help work with their newly assigned mobile budget. Junior to Middleweight Devlopers are also highly sought after, with junior roles in mobile being paid £5k more than the industry average.

Mobile Sector Salary Growth Mobile Sector Salary Growth

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