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AffiliateFuture's Open Day & Interim Figures Released

AffiliateFuture's Open Day & Interim Figures Released


Interim reports for the first 6 months of 2011 highlights the financial stability and ongoing growth of the company, which the team at AffiliateFuture were keen to point out last week at their open day.

Interim Report Highlights

Financial Performance

  • Group Revenues up 11.6% to £27.7m (2010: £24.8m)
  • EBITDA (1) up 54.2% to £3.7m (2010: £2.4m) (EBITDA - Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization)
  • Adjusted EBITDA (2) up 51.6% to £4.2m (2010: £2.7m)
  • Business Information revenue streams delivering double digit growth.

Key achievements in Q1/Q2 2011

  • Strong growth across a broad range of metrics including revenue, operating margins and earnings
  • Continued investment in content, delivery platforms and sales footprints
  • Continued focus on annualised and must have products
  • Good momentum, with full year results expected to deliver a solid base for future growth

AffiliateFuture Open Day

A4u were in attendance at last Thursday's AffiliateFuture open day; a chance for affiliates and the like to come to the AffiliateFuture office and here about the past, present and future operations for the affiliate network.

Joining us were a dozen of affiliates and marketing managers, either with a keen interest in finding out about the recent changes to AffiliateFuture's senior management structure, about the market in general or about the white lable travel offering from AffiliateFuture.

Gavin Male, Managing Director of TMN group, gave an informal presentation covering the heritage of the network, recent history, changes to management structure and the future products / solutions that are in the pipeline.

10 year heritage

AffiliateFuture was aquired by TMN group PLC in February 2008, and was then subject to a reverse takeover in June 2009 forming Progressive Digital Media PLC.

Now operating 3 platforms in the UK (est 65%), EU (est 20%) and US (est 15%), AffiliateFuture are reporting around 250,000 registered publishers, 600 advertisers, 100 million clicks per year, 5 million transactions per year and driving aroudn £200 million in sales for their advertisers.

Previous generous payment structures enabled AffiliateFuture to be popular amongst the affiliate community, validating leads within 5 days, ahead of the industry standard at the time.

Largely travel orientated, AffiliateFuture still boast a heap of travel related advertisers and publishers across their network, and the development of their already existing travel solutions are ongoing with updates launching soon.

Recent History

Gavin gave an honest appraisal of the recent history during his presentation, citing a breakdown in communication when moving publishers from a pre-payment to a post-payment model.

The payment structure has been greatly improved and is 99% back on track according to the team at AffiliateFuture, with a new update to the payment system giving 'good clear payment statements' launching next month.

Working with limited resource was a problem for the team at AffiliateFuture, however this has now been addressed with over 33 staff now dedicated to working purely for the network.

New management structures

Gavin Male, the Managing Director of TMN Group - is now fully directing AffiliateFuture.

Mark Ash - Product Development for TMN and AffiliateFuture

Joanna Flegg - Data & Media Partnerships

Phil Blackman - Integrations & Support

Len Burgess - Sales Director


Rather than go into detail regarding the many changes / solutions that AffiliateFuture are either close to launching or have recently launched, I thought i'd list them below - should you want to find out more about them I've put a few contact details for some of the team at AffilliateFuture underneath.

  • Multi Attribution Technology
  • Travel Services Solution - New Product Launch
  • Social Media Inegration
  • Improved Search Functionality
  • Cost Per Call Integration

Contact Details

Joanna Flegg, Head of Group Media Partnerships, TMN

Richard Buckton, Head of Account Management, AffiliateFuture

Kenny Aro, Publisher Development Manager, AffiliateFuture

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