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TradeDoubler Partners Exclusively with Respond

TradeDoubler Partners Exclusively with Respond


Beating 'Banner Blindness' with Respond

This exclusive partnership with Respond will enable Publishers to increase revenues by reducing 'banner blindness' with Respond's innovative content monetisation button solution.

Respond solves the problem of 'banner blindness' and falling ad click-through rates by using matching contextual call to action buttons with relevant content on the web. The company’s unique algorithm has already attracted a wealth of advertisers, which is now set to increase with the TradeDoubler partnership.

The partnership enables TradeDoubler’s advertisers to display their offers exclusively through Respond’s generated buttons, giving them a new way to reach relevant users and increase conversions. In addition, TradeDoubler’s publishers will also be offered this option to further monetise their existing sites.

The Affiliate Advantage

A4u spoke to Guy Cookson, Director and Co-Founder of Azullo, the technology company behind Respond, about the benefits for Affiliates:

"We created Respond to give affiliates a new and simple way to generate new revenue. This has never been more important, as CTRs have fallen due to banner blindness and ad blocker software. Simply add Respond to your site, and we dynamically match relevant call-to-action buttons to your content.

"Respond is designed to be as simple to add as the Facebook Like button or Google Adsense, and it works on almost any website or blog."

About Respond

Sanjit Atwal, TradeDoubler's Network Director for North-West Europe, said:

“As the affiliate model grows it’s important that networks continue to look for new technologies that enable publishers to monetise their content. This has traditionally had its challenges when looking at content sites and blogs. Editors want to ensure they retain the integrity of their sites however recognise the need to earn revenue through advertising. Respond addresses this need through intelligent technology with an understanding of consumer habits.

"We are very excited by the opportunity Respond presents for TradeDoubler merchants, publishers and agencies. This agreement is a commitment from both parties to fully ensure the Respond technology gets as much traction in the market as possible and we at TradeDoubler are looking forward to increased performance through the channel.”

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