Exclusive a4u speaker interview at Online Marketing Show

6 years
    Press Release

In just a few days time, a4u join the Online Marketing show as Knowledge Partner for the Performance Marketing Industry. Offering three conference session across the two day exhibiton, a4u will be providing useful insights into the world of Affiliate and Performance Marketing for advertisers and publishers already engaged with the channel or keen to find out more.

In the lead up to the show a4u have scheduled exclusive interviews with speakers scheduled at the Online Marketing Show on the 29th and 30th June. The second interviews is with Founder of 7thingsmedia Chris Bishop, Chris joins, Performance Director, David McDermott of 7thingsmedia and Country Manager from Commission Junction, Florian Gramshammer on Launching a client into Performance Marketing.

What can delegates expect to learn? And what will be the key take always?

Affiliate marketing has evolved, it has moved away from being a single channel to become more of an umbrella term covering methods such as price comparison, PPC, cashback, voucher code, email and targeting based on behaviours and trends.

We will cover the various steps to ensure that you have the correct strategy in place to have a successful affiliate campaign. Citing examples of to put in place the right affiliates, create strong key performance indicators and effective measurement and make use of wider multi-channel marketing campaigns to create synergies with online activity.

Via the USC case study plus other anecdotal pointers we will leave the audience armed with the tools to better sell in the channel to their senior management, various deliverables to scale their affiliate success and plenty of tidbits to energise flat programmes.

During your session what question would you ask other panelists or yourself if you were in the audience?

Great question! Okay here are a few:

  • If affiliate marketing a channel that can work in the luxury sector?
  • What is out there beyond voucher codes?
  • If I had to focus on 3 things to ensure that I am efficiently scaling my affiliate programme, what would they be?
  • Should I still pay an affiliate for driving a sale that was already coming to you regardless of their interference?

What piece of advice would you give to an advertiser or publisher new to the channel

The session will aim to dispel the myths – just having an affiliate programme will not drive considerable sales to your brand. Taking time to learn and about the channel and create that plan is vital if you desire a positive outcome.

For more information on this session or to regsiter to attend any of the a4u sessions visit www.onlinemarketingshow.co.uk or email events@existem.com