Doubling Affiliate Revenues with Personalised Retargeting

6 years
    Press Release

Maximuscle is the UK leader in sports nutrition, operating an e-commerce site that provides a range of specialised sports nutrition supplements, protein powders, weight loss products, diet plans, calorie counters and more.

PineSolutions is UK’s largest online furniture retailer offering quality and competitively priced wooden furniture in rapid delivery time.

Both companies benefit from Affiliate Window’s affiliate marketing program and its partnership with award winning personalised retargeting provider myThings.

The Challenge

Research indicates that 98% of users leave e-commerce sites without a single purchase. Online merchants are allocating the time and resources to generate traffic to their site and yet, are still unsuccessful in securing enough buyer interest to convert impressions. Both Maximuscle and PineSolutions were searching for a solution that could analyze and leverage anonymous personalised user intent to ensure high conversion and return conversion rates.

The Solution

Through Affiliate Window's partnership with the leading personalised retargeting provider myThings, a partnership which has recently won Econsultancy's innovation award in affiliate marketing, merchants now enjoy personalised retargeting services through their existing affiliate programme;

myThings’ personalised retargeting technology increases website conversions by ensuring that every single impression isoptimised with content that is most relevant to the viewer. The CPA performance based solution (additional business models such as CPC and CPM are also supported) seamlessly integrates into advertisers’ existing Affiliate Window tags, adding a more compelling element to management, tracking and deduping.

Maximuscle and PineSolutions used the myThings solution to microtarget web visitors with individualised product recommendations based on previous interactions with their websites. myThings then used this information to make a decision, in real time, on the user's propensity to buy (whether the user should be retargeted at all) and to select the product recommendations, banner layout and even promotion most likely to result in a conversion from that use. Predicted product and promotion relevancy was calculated based on advanced machine-learning and wisdom-of-the-crowds algorithms taking into account product and categories browsed, as well as stage in sales funnel, among other parameters.

For example, if a viewer showed interest in an arm-strengthening product last week, myThings technology would optimise the ad to present similar strengthening supplements, predicted to result in a conversion. In parallel, PineSolutions utilised the myThings’ smart analysis technology to offer products that users with similar interaction have purchased (i.e.: showing beds in the same price range or same styled product lines).

The Results

Both merchants experienced much higher click through rates, directly benefiting from an increase in conversation rates and demonstrated ROI. Maximuscle reported that return conversation rates of exposed visitors were 362% higher than non-exposed visitors. PineSolutions tracked, via Affiliate Window's platform, a consistent uplift of over 40% per month, with a 94% increase in sales. With myThings’ CPA based business model, Maximuscle and PineSolutions benefited from incremental sales, only paying for conversions. Furthermore, All conversions were deduped ensuring that both companies were not being charged twice for conversions.

Following the success of the campaign, Maxinutrition now intends to expand the personalised retargeting campaign to additional websites in the group including Maxitone and Maxifuel.

myThings solution’s ability to seamlessly integrate into the affiliate system enabled the companies to manage entire performance programs using a single dashboard for the first time.

Maximuscle Campaign Results: - 56% MOM revenue uplift - 91% YOY revenue increase - Return conversions rates of exposed visitors were 362% higher than return conversion rates of non-exposed


Chris Wiseman, Affiliate Marketing Manager, PineSolutions.