It's Time to Engage - LinkShare Symposium 2011

6 years
    Press Release

The 3rd LinkShare UK Symposium took place yesterday, whilst quite light on sessions (but heavy on all important networking), those scheduled were insightful and offered both inspiration and guidance, mainly to advertisers.

As an official media partner, Chris Johnson will be covering the event in more detail over the coming week.

Here are my thoughts.

What instantly hit me was the sheer volume of quality fashion advertisers in attendance, quite astonishing. From the many conversations it’s also clear that they are keener than ever to engage with publishers, especially the famed content and new breed of data feed driven sites.

The latter, was compounded by Jess Markwood from osoyou part of Aigua Media who stated that companies that clean up, and offer instantly usable, accurate data feeds are critical for their portfolio of websites and thus a strong influencer when choosing which brands to work with.

Its fantastic that advertisers are waking up the to fact that a decent feed is a critical part of the mix, especially as surfers today expect things on-page instantly.

Insights Panel

Also, an interesting insight from Nick Troup, from Charles Tyrwhitt, they’ve been doing some analysis on the customers and sales coming from voucher code sites. As you might expect sales fomr voucher code homepages and email marketing activity offer a far larger percentage of new customers.

Whereby sales attributed from the branded listing page; usually optimised for Google continued to churn repeat customers. This is interesting as we could well see wider adoption of variable commissions based on actual promotional activity or the origin of the link, or hybrid deals that takes this into consideration.

Great opening from David Murphy in the Mobile Session, he put forward some intriguing stings of data. For example 10% of all bets with Paddy Power are now via Mobile and 1 in 5 visits to an eCommerce site in December 2010 originated from a mobile device.

Overall there were some good insights on the Mobile panel, but on a whole, from a Publisher perspective I came away slightly dissapointed. I’d like to have seen some evidence of actual campaign performance coming from some of the panellists, and where the future opportunities will lie.

For Advertisers though it was very enlightening with lots of note taking.

A nice discussion on QR codes though, dismissed by some on the panel, but cleverly used by Glamoo.


The dealmaker networking session was great, and once again did not disappoint. It was fantastic to see so many new brands and publishers talking face-to-face and striking up business partnerships.

Whilst at the Dealmaker we took the time to survey Fashion Advertisers at the event and we’ll be analysing the data and releasing our findings in due course.

If you’re involved in fashion and would like to take part contact us and we’ll email you over the questionnaire, you’ll get early access to the results and we’ll be eternally grateful.

Huge respect and thanks to Penny who I hear organised the event pretty much in its entirety, and to Liane for doing a superb job hosting and moderating one of my favourite events.

We had a fantastic day, and despite being on a detox! It was great to mingle with everyone at the networking reception after the event. We all left at 9pm to catch the train home, I wonder if everyone ended up in a dodgy Chinese at 3am again!