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Mind Games to Boost your Conversion Rate: ThinkVis 2011

Mind Games to Boost your Conversion Rate: ThinkVis 2011


An interesting presentation by Stephen from Conversion Factory consisted of ways to improve your conversion rate. Regardless of the website, sector, topic or goals, these were fundamental ways to improve your conversions.

When talking about Mind Games, Stephen told how emphasis is to persuade the user to but / sell / call etc. Yes it's an obvious fundamental and yes, it's been around a long time, but it's how you do it that makes the difference.

Split testing and a Competitive edge

The human brain split into two: the left side is logical and analytical, while the right side is the creative and unconsciously-linked part of the brain.

Referencing 'Take me Out' and it's similarity with online auctions - a competitive edge on your website can bring you conversions, through the 'I need to win' scenario plus an Only 3 Left! tactic is a recommended improvement - why? The 'scaring' tactic implemented here keeps you on the 'irrational' side of the brain, and heightens the speed of conversion, without the user contact the 'logical and rational' side of the brain.

Other notable Conversion rate improvements that were detailed by Stephen included Authority - Doctors / Headteachers (depending on your website topic) create a big impact when referencing or displaying Authoritative figures on your site.

Social Proof - User reviews and testimonials - make them stand out and be visible on your site.

Email Marketing - is still undervalued according to Stephen. Conversion is hampered when asking for e-mail addresses before the product is downloaded, however on the downloaded page the results are more impressive - as they are in a happier state of mind having received your product and therefore more likely to pass on their email address to you.

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