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Electrical Price Points - Pointless?

Electrical Price Points - Pointless?


Electrical retailers are big players in the affiliate channel. Successful programmes are run by the largest UK brands including Currys, Dixons, Comet and most recently, Best Buy.

With the number of brands in the sector, there is a level of competitiveness between electrical retailers that results in daily price changes and frequent voucher code updates as each brand strives for the best price point. However, due to the huge and varied product ranges, updating prices and ensuring updates are reflected by affiliates is an issue. As the industry grows, electrical merchants must continue to tackle this problem.

Pricing Updates - The Merchant’s Responsibility?

It’s in the affiliate’s interest to action price updates; inaccurate pricing could mislead customers and potentially cause complaints and abandoned sales. However, if the merchant wants to outdo their competitors in terms of price, it’s their responsibility to ensure that pricing updates can be actioned by affiliates. Up-to-date pricings and the tools to effectively implement changes must be provided.

Although merchants should communicate to affiliates when substantial price changes are made, or voucher codes are introduced, the primary tool for the update of product price changes is the merchant’s datafeed.

To enhance this process, the time of feed updates should be shared with affiliates. An accurate datafeed is essential to the electrical merchant otherwise they risk losing top site placement to competitors.

Third Party Feed Providers - The Benefits

Many merchants realise the importance of the datafeed to their affiliate campaign and have partnered with third party feed providers who take on the responsibility of building, optimising and managing the datafeed.

The feed providers can offer expert knowledge and technology that the merchant may not have access to. For affiliates this will mean that issues will be dealt with quickly due to the company’s knowledge and focus.

Possibilities include additional datafeed columns that the merchant could not previously provide such as applicable voucher code, saving and price after voucher usage. The inclusion of information which highlights savings is crucial for a merchant that wants to be listed as most competitive retailer. Additionally, it’s in an affiliate’s benefit to display these savings as they act as a call to action for the customer.

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