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A4u Media Partners for Think Visibility - thehodge Q&A

A4u Media Partners for Think Visibility - thehodge Q&A


Dom Hodgson

How is Think Visibility shaping up?

Dom: Dom Hodgson

Crazy, We've been planning this one since April 2010 (we have about a month off after each conference and then we start the little details) With only 22 days to go thinks are starting to shape up, when it gets to two weeks to go I'll be pretty much running around in a frenzy.

Sum up Think Visibility for anyone who hasn't heard about it...

Think Visibility is a conference which is a little different, we have a small capacity of around 200-250 and we do it on a saturday, this leads to two things; A family feel as people get to know each other and a great atmosphere and everyone is there for the purpose of learning (rather than having a day off work).

Any hints on your day agenda you can share with a4u users?

We get so many speaker submissions it would be unfair for me to recommend one over the other however as a sneaky peek for a4u readers, I can give you the subject of Peter's talk:

Self Promotion for Geeks: Let's Look at Attracting an Audience For Our Projects - Whether you're a programmer, designer or entrepreneur, getting to grips with some key self promotion techniques can make the difference between your work languishing in the dust or taking off on sites like Reddit, Twitter, or Hacker News. In a mixture of a typical presentation and a group discussion format, we'll look at some techniques that work, share some experiences, and derive some practical ways to move forward with our own projects.

Over the past 12 months, how much of your agenda content has changed to compliment recent industry developments?

To be honest it hasn't, we have a remit of not covering the same thing twice and there is so much to talk about in this industry that we can get overwhelmed by the 'new hotness', that's not to say we don't specifically cover it we try and get speakers to be as up to date as possible but I wouldn't say we've changed our agenda.

Who can benefit from attending Think Visibility 2011?

The thing I love about ThinkVis is the massive amount of different people and backgrounds there, we get people who have offline business's who want to move online, we get freelancers, full and part time affiliates, agencies, networks we get a little bit of everything and put them all into a room for the day, it's a great atmosphere.

What is the real benefit for Affiliates who attend your event?

The topics are great for an affiliate, take Gary for instance, in December I set him a challenge 100 days before ThinkVis he had to buy a domain name, build a site and make some money on it (he had to write down each step as well of course) that presentation already has a bit of excitement around it.

Affiliates4u are media partners for the event in March. If you'd like to catch up with Chris or Matthew from a4u during the conference, whether for an interview / chat / catch-up, drop a message to @a4u on twitter.

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