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25% Of Top 100 US Retailers Are Using Retargeting Technology

25% Of Top 100 US Retailers Are Using Retargeting Technology


There seems to be no doubt that retargeting is gaining momentum across the display and search sectors. After expanding globally to service more than 16 countries across North America, Europe and Asia, Criteo have served more than 50 billion ads to date and through their expansion and are now reporting a:

  • Tripled (3x) client base, to more than 1000 top e-commerce clients
  • 8x increase in ad impressions served
  • 10x increase in ad clicks
  • 11x increase in sales generated post-click

In the US, Criteo experienced record-breaking traction. To date nearly two-dozen of the Top 100 US retailers use Criteo's personalised retargeting technology. Their 2010 US momentum included a 30x increase in ad impressions served plus a 70x increase in ad clicks.

JB Rudelle, CEO of Criteo:

"Our continual technological innovation and thought leadership has allowed us to gain amazing momentum in the highly competitive U.S. market.

"With our unique fully automated real-time creative optimization and media buying, we are bringing a level of scale and efficiency never seen before."

Why use retargeting?

Yann Tanini, VP of e-commerce at Redcats USA, a multi-channel home shoping leader said:

"The market is competitive, so monetizing the consumer who expressed interest in our products is crucial. For that reason, personalized retargeting simply makes sense -- not only can we find the consumers who visited our site, but serve them custom ads for the products most relevant to their interests."

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Update: UK Figures Released

In the UK, post-click sales increased by 600 per cent, cementing Criteo’s place as market leader in personalised retargeting. Criteo now partners with more than 200 well known UK advertisers who benefit from the advanced technology.

“Major UK media agencies are forecasting for stronger growth in display ad-spend compared to search – with most predicting a 12-13 per cent increase in 2011. A key driver of this has been the re-assessment by advertisers that display can now deliver a performance based marketing channel with the added benefit of branding. Personalised retargeting has played a significant role in this shift as it affords a fully transparent and accountable channel whilst delivering ROI comparable to search through highly relevant creative. We fully expect this trend to accelerate in 2011.”

Michael Steckler, MD Northern Europe.

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