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Advertising Psychology to Increase Conversion & Profits

Advertising Psychology to Increase Conversion & Profits


After a rather un-British, warm-up with lots of audience participation, hand waving and clapping Dr Eric Whitman starts off pretty strongly with a self-set mission to change the audience’s mindset on how we think about advertising.

As affiliates, our job is to pre-sell, to influence the sales funnel and provide strong call to actions. Essentially assisting with the conversion of the product or service we are promoting as a third party.

This directly correlates with Dr Whitman's keynote this morning. Therefore good job Shawn Collins.

Dr Whitman argues that the effectiveness of your advertising is directly connected between how you successfully instill the following four Internal representations.

Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory and Gustatory

I’ll leave you to Google those, but let's summarise by saying that being sensually specific with your message is argued to be incredibly effective.

Pre-selling the benefits attempts to answer the most critical question according to Dr Whitman and that’s What’s In It For Me ‘WIIFM’

A fundamental mistake of many advertising campaigns made by affiliates and other marketeers whether based on email, web or paid search advertising is that word count and visual stimulation is wasted on selling the features and not the benefits.

I'm sure there will be lots of coverage of the sessions other angles by the many bloggers at the show so I'll continue by highlighting my main takeaways on creating great headlines from what was me a good solid start to the show.

5x as many people read only the headline, only 17% read the body of an ad too; therefore to get the most from your ad's adhere to the following.

Rules for advert and sub-headings.

  • Get Attention
  • Stimulate interest
  • Use strong, emotion provoking words
  • Build desire to buy
  • Ask for action
  • Suggest scarcity to persuade people to act

Over and out from my first live blog from Vegas!

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