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Barclaycard Launch eStore exclusively with Affiliate Window

Barclaycard Launch eStore exclusively with Affiliate Window


Barclaycard Freedom, one of the most comprehensive rewards schemes in the UK, has today announced the launch of its eStore, which rewards as you shop online. The site, which can be accessed through mybarclaycard, will give eligible Barclaycard holders the opportunity to earn Reward Money from online purchases.

Reward Money can be earned at approximately 80 online retail outlets across the UK, including brands such as Currys, Comet and HMV, as well as over 20,000 other participating retailers. Reward Money is recorded in pounds and pence, with no vouchers or coupons to save and no points to calculate – making the run up to Christmas even merrier.

Networks fight back.

For a network who previously 'fell out' with a leading cashback website a few years back, today sees a big move and a massive coup for Affiliate Window, who can potentially take advantage of Advertisers who are looking to increase their Performance base on exclusive web stores.

You could view this as the start of Networks 'fighting back' over Advertisers and Agencies that take their programmes in-house who could lose out in areas where new avenues of online shopping are being heavily encouraged?

David Hall, Partnerships Director at Affiliate Window, spoke to Affiliates4u about the launch.

Talking about how Barclaycard have offline retailers which already play a part in the Freedom reward scheme, David said: ­"Moving 'online' has made available a new audience that our Affiliate Window advertisers can engage with, and vice-versa. Barclaycard have a potentially a new group of customers who rarely shop online but log on to check their statements and will now be presented with the online reward scheme."

Sarah Alspach of Barclaycard Freedom said:

“Shopping online is now the norm for most consumers, not least because of the fantastic savings that can be made. Barclaycard Freedom eStore is a unique way of earning Reward Money while shopping online. The 5% promotion will enable our cardholders to strengthen their Reward Money balance and treat themselves in the New Year. Earn and spend coalition partners can be found at .”

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