Webgains Launches Exclusive Multiple Datafeeds Feature

7 years
    Press Release

Many affiliates download and reconfigure product datafeeds to display product information on their site. Existing product feeds, though extremely detailed and comprehensive, can be unwieldy, as they include information on all products that the merchant offers. The new webgains tool will allow merchants to upload specialised datafeeds, for example around seasonal or best-selling products, thus taking much of the hard work away from affiliates, leaving them free to concentrate on what they do best: driving ready-to-purchase consumers to the merchant site.

No other network offers the ability for multiple feeds in all verticals for all affiliates through the network interface.

How will this new functionality benefit you? There are a number of ways that both merchants and affiliates can benefit from this new feature:

Merchant Benefits

  • Relevant and appropriate content - receiving tailored merchant product content at the right time helps take the stress out of datafeed manipulation. The Multiple Datafeeds feature allows merchants to quickly & seamlessly provide affiliates with product data to meet their needs. For example an affiliate focusing on promoting hammers would not want a product feed containing power tools.
  • Timely Content - merchants will be able to create specific feeds around seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter, summer or even seasonal fashion launches such as the new winter range for retail fashion merchants. This will allow merchants to showcase key product lines and allow affiliate to focus their attention on these products.
  • Volume uplift - Merchants can create feeds to drive sales volume uplift, either by discounting selected products to enhance market share, or as part of the normal ‘out-of-season’ discounted products sales process.
  • Improved affiliate targeting - access to specialised datafeeds in turn enables merchants to target specific niche groups of affiliates to integrate products which are relevant to their site. For example an experience day merchant could provide an additional feed containing only driving experience days.
  • Opportunity to recruit new affiliates - by using the multiple datafeeds feature, merchants could showcase niche products ranges which may not be apparent from the merchant’s site, and this could be used to attract niche affiliates to the program. For example, a merchant selling flowers may also sell chocolates. By providing a feed containing their range of chocolates, they are able to showcase these products which could attract new niche affiliates to the program.
  • Enhanced product analysis - the Webgains Multiple Datafeeds feature gives merchants additional insight into feed performance. Merchants simply pull off an additional report from the Top Links feature.
  • Additional Program exposure - every merchant clamours for more promotion to their affiliates. By using the new feature your program will receive extra exposure through standalone newsletter inclusion and blog/forum announcements.

Affiliate Benefits

  • Relevant and appropriate content - affiliates will no longer have to go through reams of merchant product data to select the products which they require.
  • Timesaving - the new Webgains Multiple Datafeeds feature will save affiliates a significant amount of time, as products will be easily and quickly identifiable in specialised datafeeds, allowing affiliates more time to focus on other revenue generating activities.
  • Increased ROI - Increased ROI – by providing affiliates with specialised product feeds, such as special offers, seasonal products or niche products ranges, affiliates can drive more targeted traffic, increasing the affiliate’s (and the merchant’s) ROI.
  • Enhanced product analysis - the Webgains Multiple Datafeeds feature gives affiliates additional insight into feed performance, affiliates simply pull out an additional report from the Top Links feature.

Jason Brockman, Director of Easy Content Units, commented:

"The introduction of multiple feeds for merchants will allow affiliates to easily implement new services to their web sites, and provide the merchants with a new tool for their marketing arsenal. Individual feeds which include best selling items, only discounted items, new items or perhaps seasonal merchandise will help affiliates craft their pages more specifically, aiding their visitor satisfaction and therefore conversions. The addition of this new tool and the provision of merchant seminars and workshops on data feeds show the commitment that Webgains have for providing affiliates the very best information for their campaigns.”

Getting Started

To find out how to get your program enabled for the Multiple Datafeeds facility, please contact your Webgains account manager.

The Webgains Multiple Datafeeds feature has been designed to help merchants and datafeed-using affiliates work more closely together and in a more efficient way. It has been developed as a result of discussions with datafeed affiliates and merchants and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their help & feedback while building the tool.

We look forward to your feedback on our new feature so please don’t hesitate to contact us with all your questions and comments.