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Planning a Smart Affiliate Christmas

Planning a Smart Affiliate Christmas


For smart affiliates it should be no surprise that the Christmas period offers a fantastic opportunity to cash in on online shopping trends. And at this time of the year it’s important to revisit those trends to plan your on-site, social media and email marketing activity.

Last year’s hitwise report gives us a good insight into online shopping activity with Boxing Day being by far the busiest day of the period.

Busiest online shopping day

Perhaps suprisingly to some the 26th and 27th December even eclipsed December the 6th and 7th; which again this year falls on Monday and Tuesday, traditionally the busiest pre Christmas shopping days.

This year however, we have the added factor of the VAT increase coming in to play in January which could further suggest an earlier December onslaught of the all important retailer sale activity.

To assist with planning, this year we’ll be creating a Christmas Calendar for all merchants, networks and agencies to fill with their last order dates, sale dates and more, so do watch this space and best of luck with your planning!

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Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood

Having spent time as managing director of vouchercloud, building a fantastic team, steering product & strategy and achieving treble digit YOY growth - Matthew is now back at where it all began and his ultimate passion, PerformanceIN.

Matthew is a 18-year industry veteran and behind the Performance Marketing Insights conference series, the Performance Marketing Awards, and the ceremony's European counterpart which debuted alongside PMI: Europe in Amsterdam in 2016.

Matthew is co-founder and non executive director of Optimus, an award winning digital performance marketing agency and remains an Investor at vouchercloud after the investment by Vodafone PLC in 2012.

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