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Top Tips for a Successful Affiliate Campaign this Christmas

Top Tips for a Successful Affiliate Campaign this Christmas


Here are 10 tips for maximising affiliate campaigns for Christmas.

Product Differentiators

With a number of merchants selling the same products it is important that you are in the forefront of affiliates thoughts. What differentiates your offering from that of competitors? If there is an additional consumer incentive to buy, conversion rates are likely to be higher. Free delivery, money off your next purchase or “free gift” could all be considered as incentives to stand out from competitors.

Affiliate Incentives

Affiliate incentives can be used to help give an extra nudge. By incentivising affiliates, they may be more willing to promote your offering over competitors. When launching incentives it is important that they cater for all affiliates. An interesting article on engaging affiliate incentives can be found here.

Coping With Demand

It is essential that the infrastructure is in place to be able to cope with the increased demand over the Christmas period. If there are issues with the ordering process, slow page load times or stock issues, your reputation can be damaged amongst affiliates and they may cease their promotion of the campaign.

Up to date product feeds

It is important that product feeds are updated regularly to ensure that affiliates are promoting the latest in stock items. If the feeds are out of date then affiliates could see conversion rates drop if products are no longer available when a customer clicks through to your site.

Top affiliates

Top affiliates on your campaign are likely to be top performing affiliates for your competitors. It is important to speak to them individually to see what exposure they are able to give the campaign and what would encourage them to promote you over competitors. Affiliate feedback is essential to ensure that the top affiliates are onboard for Christmas.

Increased exposure (Promotional Opportunities)

A number of highly trafficked affiliate sites are running their own Christmas promotions. By identifying the key opportunities there is potential to be featured above competitor offerings. This could be inclusion within member newsletters or improved positioning throughout the site.

Supporting Offline Strategies with Online

Anything being promoted offline should also be represented online. By sharing this information with affiliates they will be able to tailor their promotions effectively. For example, if a particular slogan is used in advertising this could be used as a search term by affiliates.

Updated Creative

Being an extension of your sales team, affiliates require the tools to enable them to sell your products. Festive creative should be provided which reflects the offer that is on the landing page that is clicked through to. This consistency will help to increase conversions.

Early Planning

The sooner you start planning your Christmas promotions the better. Affiliates are looking to get their content in place early and decide which campaigns to promote. With a strong Christmas offer/ promotion you will be in the forefront of affiliate’s minds.

Last Delivery Dates

The later you are able to take orders for delivery in time for Christmas could persuade affiliates to promote you over competitors. Consumers will be shopping right up to the last minute so affiliates do not want to miss out on potential sales from last minute shoppers. Merchants with later delivery dates are likely to get preference.

Product Information

Competition is fierce with a number of merchants stocking similar products (if not the same products) so you need to be as detailed as possible. The more product information you are able to provide to help affiliates sell them will stand you in good stead. An affiliate tool kit could be an ideal way to provide affiliates with the relevant information.

In summary, the key to a successful Christmas campaign is to stand out from your competitors by differentiating the offering. Early planning and a compelling incentive can really help push Christmas sales.

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Matt Swan

Matt Swan

As a Client Strategist at Digital Window Matt works with advertisers across both Affiliate Window and platforms. The role involves working closely with the account management and business development teams on delivering and optimising affiliate campaigns.

Matt also works on research projects both for individual clients and overall market trends. He has recently undertaken research into the mobile network sector and also investigating the growth of m-commerce within the affiliate channel.

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