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Product Level Tracking Framework Goes Live On TradeDoubler

Product Level Tracking Framework Goes Live On TradeDoubler


Route One, specialists in skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and inline skating equipment, is now utilisng TradeDoubler's Product Level Tracking framework(PLT), to assign and manage commissions on specific products, categories and brands, capitalise on real time market opportunitied, and drive specific areas of its business.

Route one are the first company to deploy the TradeDoubler PLT framework, and as a result are leveraging TradeDoubler's dedicated campaign and support services to maximise sales through its affiliate programme.

Ollie James, Head of Digital Marketing for Route One:

As a retailer, TradeDoubler’s PLT enables us to tailor higher commission structures to help promote specific stock, rather than simply paying the same flat rate commission on all products sold,” said Ollie James, Head of Digital Marketing for Route One. “It allows us to be more agile and reactive to time limited opportunities and take advantage of market changes in real time as they happen. We can now look at commercial demand outside of the affiliate programme, see what’s hot in the marketplace, and then tailor promotions on specific products accordingly.

We selected TradeDoubler based on its execution of dedicated campaign support and services to maximise success. TradeDoubler’s pan-European presence also means we have potential to conduct cross border marketing campaigns to take us into Europe. The local TradeDoubler office in France, for example, has a direct relationship with French affiliates with direct feedback from the market. This will be instrumental moving forward as we will be adding a Euro currency option and local language sites next year in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Sweden.”

Driving Specific Areas Of Affiliate Traffic

Route One went live with TradeDoubler PLT two months ago and has already seen significant uplift in its product promotion performance, and a surge in new affiliates joining the programme with the third highest month in volume of new sign ups. With more than 8,000 products, Route One is now able to incentivise the right partners to drive specific areas of its business.

Ben Manning, Product Director for TradeDoubler Affiliate:

TradeDoubler’s PLT takes the guesswork out of promotions, lets clients focus on specific product-led sales campaigns, and helps affiliates earn higher commission levels. By looking at an affiliate’s traffic, clients can tie special promotions and provide incentivised cross sell commissions. Likewise, they can also run seasonal promotions, such as doubling commissions on all jackets and scarves as winter approaches.

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