VoucherCloud takes Affiliate Marketing Offline

7 years
    Press Release

VoucherCloud- the UK’s first iPhone application which offers discounts directly to a member’s mobile phone has secured nearly 1 Million downloads since launch in February 2010.

Earlier in the month the company added SMS voucher functionality to their website, effectively opening up thousands of vouchers to anyone with a mobile phone.

From today, members will also be able to save 10% offline at any Debenhams department store by using the iphone application or SMS service on the high street.


But why the excitement? Well, the deal gives Invitation Digital Ltd, the creators of VoucherCloud the capacity to earn a commission for each voucher redeemed offline at Debenhams. Achieved through careful collaboration with performance marketing network Affilinet.

The partnership demonstrates how Performance Marketing can be expanded offline and how innovative Publishers can stretch the boundaries of the sector.

"The Publisher team at VoucherCloud have been working with Affilinet for some time, aligning tracking technology and internal systems. It’s testament to the quality of both our technical teams that this innovation has launched today" comments Greg Le Tocq, Managing Director of VoucherCloud.

Gary Bicker, Publisher Director at Affilinet adds "It’s a key development for us to have this activity running with VoucherCloud, as part of a larger campaign for Debenhams, as it demonstrates how technology is still at the heart of helping the industry to evolve and here we can see VoucherCloud offering something truly different to advertisers as well as their customers".

It's especially interesting that according to Le Tocq, 90% of users use the 'near me functionality of the VoucherCloud app; with three quarters only using it whilst out and about.

This gives an intriguing insight on how the app could influence buyer behaviour on the high street and how the publisher can remain influential at the tail end of the offline customer journey.

‘Near me’ recommendations are pushed to the user’s phone based on GPS location and are searchable by category.

Overall it's great news for the Performance Marketing sector that these two forward thinking companies have finally cracked online / offline convergence and we'd expect more brands to jump onboard; especially when considering that smartly devised discount vouchers can be pushed, real time to a million handsets at the click of a button!