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Affiliate Millionaires: A Secret Millionaire Special

Affiliate Millionaires: A Secret Millionaire Special


After founding Holiday Watchdog, Chris Brown found a business partner in Chris Clarkson through none other than our very own Affiliates4u Forum, a forum that had helped the guys to grow their business and eventually sell Holiday Watchdog to Expedia-owned TripAdvisor for an undisclosed amount.

Before the sale of Holiday Watchdog, was formed, and is at present the main operation for Chris, where he oversees the Sunshine Office and Staff in Fleet, Hampshire. Having read in December 2009 that they expected to finish the financial year with a turnover of £24m, they were both looking ahead to the potential sale of, once they reach an aim of £100m + source: Director Magazine Team @ a4uAwards 2008

The Secret Millionaire

With Chris Brown's Secret Millonaire episode being aired last Sunday, it seems plenty of Affiliate Entrepreneurs and others involved with the Affiliate Marketing Sector had tuned in to watch a successor for the industry give out some hard earned Affiliate revenue to those who will genuinely benefit from £50k in donations.

As for the show itself, hats off to Chris Brown who should be commended for taking part in the popular and moving series.

Founder of Affiliates4u, Matthew Wood, said: Chris found a niche and really became the experts of it within the affiliate sector. A great example of what a partnership can do where each individual possesses a different skillset.

Whilst watching the episode 'live' on Sunday - and by 'live' I mean 'live', not fast forwarding the ads on sky+ - I was keeping a keen eye on the #SecretMillionaire twitter tag that was gaining momentum.

Never forget who your mates are - among the many eye-watering tweets from those who were emotionally moved by the program, there are always a few who criticise. Best not to do that when nearly all of your 'affiliate mates' are socially available through twitter to back you up! :)

It also proved to a few people that twitter isn't just a place to have a moan 'for free', especially when Mr Brown himself responds to them!

Missed it?

Watch back on Channel 4's 4od now:

Chris Brown, The Secret Millionaire, Series 7 Episode 7

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