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Kieron Donoghue: Affiliates4u Member Profile

Kieron Donoghue: Affiliates4u Member Profile


Let's look into your background, Kieron. What have you been up to over the past 10 years?

Kieron Donoghue

Wow that’s a big question! Well I started out in affiliate marketing roughly 10 years ago. It started out because I got made redundant from a job so wanted to teach myself a new skillset building websites. Remember this was before WordPress so you had to use MS Front Page. Anyway, I built a couple of sites and then though “what’s next?” Monetisation, hence starting out in affiliate marketing. Over the years I’ve launched more sites than I can remember, some have been successful some not. I’ve also done some consultancy and of course I work on my blog at although not as often as I would like.

Over the last couple of years though I started work on which is a project with my business partner Simon. The idea was that as a website owner the 2 most important things you can do to help your site in the search engines is build links and write content. Both of which are time consuming and laborious. So the idea was born to launch a quality service to offer both these services, freeing up the site owners to develop their business and look at the important stuff like generating revenue.

My other big project which I launched 18 months ago is It’s a Spotify playlist sharing site and I’m pleased to say the largest out there. We’ve got investment from the founders and are currently going from strength to strength. Next step is a USA launch along with Spotify.

As a Publisher yourself, why can others benefit from having content written for you and how can it benefit your SEO, listings and community aspects?

Kieron Donoghue

We all know that Google loves sites with fresh updated content, updated as often as possible. It’s that simple. We recently launched a News service where we can deliver unique content relevant to your sector daily or up to 4 times a day, and this is proving a tremendous success. We’ve even helped some clients get featured in Google News, see Where clients have been included in Google News they’ve seen an increase in traffic of between 20% to 30% so definitely something to aim for.

The other benefit is that if you have an open comment system (which you should have) then by having lots of fresh news features, blog posts etc. then you will begin to engage your community and you will see users actively engaging with you and commenting on your posts.

For anyone who's interested in finding out more, have you an offer for any Affiliates4u members?

Kieron Donoghue

Sure, for anybody interested in taking up our News service just email me at and we will give you a 10% discount off their first month. Unlike our competitors, we operate under a rolling 30 day contract, so no nasty long tie-ins either.

Let's move on to the a4uexpo. How do you find the a4uexpo experience?

Kieron Donoghue

I love it. For me Affiliates 4 U is a great community and the Expo gives everyone a chance to get together and network in the flesh. The sessions are second to none also, there is no other conference anywhere in the world like it. If you’re involved in affiliate marketing in any way then you need to be there.

What session from this year's agenda are you most looking forward to?

Kieron Donoghue

Day 2 The Affiliate Virgin - From Hobby to Start-up with Michelle Dewberry – because I suggested the idea to Michelle and I think it will be great to hear from her on her journey from the Boardroom to Affiliate Marketing.

What would be your top tips for getting the best out of your time at the event?

Kieron Donoghue

Study the agenda beforehand, mark out the sessions you want to go to, as on the day it’s very easy to get carried away with the networking and miss them. Also organise meeting with your networks, merchants and agencies, as they’ll all be there. So get them to buy you lunch :)

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