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Long-standing Affiliate Programme CD WOW! in Administration

Long-standing Affiliate Programme CD WOW! in Administration


Multi-Network Programme in Administration

Having Affiliate Programmes recently running on both Affiliate Window and TradeDoubler, and a programme that has been running within the industry for what seems like the best part of 7 years, the CD WOW! owners Stomp AU and Stomp HK have today entered voluntary administration.

Does this mean the phase of shopping for CD's is ending and is now becoming a distant memory similar to the CD's predecessor the 'tape' (if you remember one of those!)??

There has been a forum post regarding the CD WOW! administration from Affiliate Window.

Affiliates should remove their affiliate links for CD WOW! as this is an immediate closure of the programme.

Payments to Affiliates of Outstanding / Pending Commossions

Affiliate Window have said that outstanding payments for validated sales and pending commissions are dependant on the settlement from the administrators of the Stomp Group. Affiliate Window will pay all commissions to affiliates where payment of the corresponding invoice is made by the administrators.

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