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Affiliate Network Launches Free Merchant Signup Campaign

Affiliate Network Launches Free Merchant Signup Campaign


In a new campaign aiming to engage Merchant's into the World of Affiliate Marketing, The Reseller Network is offering a free signup to Merchants until the end of September.

All reseller agreements and commissions are negotiated between the Merchant and the reseller giving you complete control, similar workings to the recent launch of Impact Radius.

Spokesperson for The Reseller Network, Grant Ward said:

“Aѕ tһе affiliate marketing industry continues tο grow аnԁ develop, merchants аrе attracted tο tһе sector, аѕ іt provides many advantages іחn terms οf boosting tһеіr online sales аt relatively lіttƖе cost. Tһе Reseller Network саn һеlр you find tһе rіɡһt companies tο resell your products οr services. Resellers wіll effectively act аѕ аn extended sales force generating you additional revenue without taking a salary.”

While this incentive for Merchant's to come on board and 'test the water' within Affiliate Marketing is a nice idea and will probably lead to a few new merchant signups, one month's Affiliate Marketing activity won't aid the development of sustainable new advertisers as they begin to deal with the market.

Find out more about The Reseller Network's Merchant Offer

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