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Affiliate to Merchant: Dragons Den

Affiliate to Merchant: Dragons Den


Rob Berrisford was recently on Dragons Den - If you are looking for please click here. is a group buying site founded by Rob Berrisford and Emma Kennedy, who met whilst they were working at and subsequently have a pretty good grounding in the online entertainment sector. curretly runs London and National Deals soon to be expanding to the rest of the UK shortly.

What are the Benefits of Group Buying?

I don’t think many people working in online haven’t spotted the surge of group buying sites, which for all intents and purposes uses social media to promote money saving deals. The model has a few benefits over traditional discount marketing. We engage with users at a different stage of the buying process, as this isnt an SEO or even a PPC play, we are catching users before they enter the buying process, being suggested an offer by their social networks rather than diverting them towards a brand during that journey.

What are your plans to embrace the affiliate channel, one that you have been involved in for many years?

We have only just started using the affiliate channel which is pretty exciting for me as an ex network and ex affiliate employee. But I am also well aware of how the affiliate channel needs to be closely monitored with clear objectives being put in place before anything in launched. Hence why we got our house in order before launching our program on affilinet

Having made the move from Affiliate to Merchant: Which works best for you?

I am not sure which I have lost more sleep over to be honest. Again isn’t an SEO or PPC play and I cant explain to you how nice it is not to be reliant on the latest policy changes. Then again, we run quite a high wage bill here already, which as an affiliate you can get away without doing when you start out. I did pretty well out of affiliate incentives over the years which will also be missed.

Do Affiliates Have The Right Pedigree To Make It As A Merchant?

I think we have seen from years ago how a really successful affiliate can do well by turning to the merchant side, although I am not sure how many sectors that would work in. There feels as though there is a lot more work in setting things up as a merchant but you are certainly less at the whim of search engine and merchant changes in policy.

Crowdity are currently paying 20% CPA on new customers and 10% on existing customers, available on affilinet.

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