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Sky for Supertelly: a4uAwards Winners 2010

Sky for Supertelly: a4uAwards Winners 2010


We caught up with Helen Southgate, Online Marketing Senior Manager, to discuss why Sky's Supertelly campaign came up trumps in the 'Best Use of Affiliate Marketing as part of a Wider Marketing Campeign' award at this year's a4uAwards.

How did you adapt Sky's general marketing campaign and make it relevant and specific to the Affiliate Sector?


We tried to think about what motivates affiliates, which is essentially driving more sales and increasing their ROI. This meant that we looked at commission rates, simple messaging, product positioning and the creative used so that it would deliver the best conversion rate for affiliates.

We also wanted to make affiliates feel like they were part of this campaign so got some key affiliates involved in our briefing, I’d like to do more of this to a wider audience as I think it’s really key for affiliates to understand our brand and objectives, maybe we’ll do a webinar one day in 3D ;)

How does it feel to win the award on behalf of Sky?


Pretty good, especially as we won against some great companies that I know have really well run campaigns. It was great for the team as well as it wasn’t just an effort by myself. Alex Emberey who works with me in affiliate has done a sterling job and it was also a team effort with our creative guys, display team, search team.

The teams at our networks, and Awin did a great job in pushing this campaign out to affiliates and managing it. Kevin Edwards from Awin also needs a special mention for helping us to pull the entry together. Sorry this is sounding a bit like the Oscars now, but really was a team effort.

On a personal level and as someone who has been working in the industry for quite a while, what does it mean to win an a4uAward?


“quite a while”, that makes me sound old!

It's been about 8 years now and this is the first award I have won for affiliate. I was over the moon last year when dgm were highly commended affiliate network, even though we didn’t win I felt that the team there at the time really deserved that and was very proud. To actually win an award with Sky this year has topped that though as the award was really about how affiliate marketing can integrate into the rest of online and I feel this is something that we are striving to do here at Sky and something I’m very passionate about.

Affiliates are considered an extremely important part of the online mix and I hope that this award helps demonstrate that to the affiliates who work with us.

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