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A Chunk For The Slice Affiliate Network

A Chunk For The Slice Affiliate Network


In operation since 1993, CPA since 2000, The Slice network has years of experience as a pay by results advertising agency.

How do you differentiate yourself from other networks?

We see ourselves as an experienced pay by results advertising agency that is also an Affiliate Network. We believe our clients can benefit from a variety of traditional and online advertising verticals and our extensive internal email database gives us the added benefit of being able to test campaigns very thoroughly before we put them on our network. This in turn enables us to provide a wide variety of knowledge and statistics to offer our Affiliates the best possible advantage before taking on new campaigns.

Tell us about the £500 sign up bonus

The sign up/performance bonus is something we want to offer new affiliates that join The Slice Network. New affiliates that join the network are given a £500 cash bonus for delivering £500 worth of commissions per month over a 3 month period. We believe in rewarding our affiliates for retention and we will keep on introducing great incentives for our affiliates in the future.

Which programmes are your star performers?

We have quite a variety of products on the network and we are adding to this weekly, but at the moment Pensions Pronto, Optical Express, CUS4Loans, Egg Credit Card, Portal Claims, Wentworth Direct Finance, Bingo on the box and Property Rescue were our top performers in the month of June.

Your website states you're a super affiliate yourselves, why did you open up a network?

We started the Network to extend our reach for our clients, today we generate over half our campaign response from our network, it’s a very important part of our business.

What is your payment structure?

We offer a Net 28 payment structure and our affiliates will testify to the fact that we have never made late payments.

What in your opinion are the challenges for Performance Based Marketing today?

Two clear challenges come to mind; Firstly, to uphold and continually improve the reputation of the industry, to deliver quality, dependability and value to clients. Secondly, there is the challenge of keeping clients aware that a good affiliate should be cherished and seen as a partner not a disposable line on the P&L.;

For more information or to join The Slice network, visit our Partner Page.

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Chris Johnson

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