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AffiliateFuture: Best Network Innovation 2010

AffiliateFuture: Best Network Innovation 2010


Congratulations on winning the Best Network Innovation award sponsored by R.O.EYE. You certainly celebrated in style on the evening. How does it feel to win this award?

Thank you! For AffiliateFuture it was our first a4uAward so we were pleased that the hard work all the team have been putting in had been recognized by the judges. We’re still very excited about it and hoping to build on the success this year (that also included two highly commended recognitions in the Publishers Choice awards) and win some more in 2011!

The Moment AffiliateFuture Won Their a4uAward

Tell us a bit about your award winning initiative white label travel products

Travel still remains one of AffiliateFuture’s biggest sectors and over the years we’ve invested heavily in the technology and development to be able to provide a unique product in the market.

We’re the only network in the market that has been able to provide comprehensive web services to the very biggest travel publishers. Furthermore, in June 2009 we launched our first white label with Search4Sun, providing holiday search results that return on a hotel by hotel basis. Since then we’ve launched another 40 white labels for a variety of different publishers and have some great ideas on how we can continue to improve our product offering. We also now provide white labels for Flights and Accommodation only results.
In addition to all of this we also now provide alternative pricing metrics, such as Cost per Click and Cost per Call which has meant that we can open up the search results to providers who do currently support online bookings.


The judges applauded the fact you’ve opened up the affiliate marketing sector to new types of publishers – would you agree?

This has been one of the products key successes. We’re very proud of brands such as Compare the Market using all of our different travel white labels as well as Kayak and Skyscanner using the holiday product.

We’ve got some massive contracts in the pipeline that are going to be some big brands emerge into the Affiliate space and without this product this may not have been on the cards. At the same time the product opens up more revenue opportunities for the traditional affiliates and the next few weeks for example will see the launch of the holiday search on one of the biggest incentive sites and one of the biggest voucher code sites.

What can we see next from AffiliateFuture?

We have lots of plans for the next 12 months – there are still many improved features that we can add to the white label travel products that will make them available for even more publishers and further increase the conversion rates. In addition to this we also keen to expand this technology into other important sectors for us and hopefully this will lead to us winning the same award again next year!

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