Affiliate Marketing is more than Voucher Codes and Search

7 years
    Press Release

Each year affiliate, or performance marketing as we increasingly hear embraces even more areas of the online marketing mix. The consequence being that it’s actually a very daunting but thankfully, exciting task to programme the agenda for a4uexpo London.

For instance we have seen some advances in 3rd party applications this year, best practice being placed in the spotlight, initiatives in offline convergence and mobile, an increase in performance based search and a greater focus on delivery and alignment of goals.

Earlier in the month we opened up speaker submissions for the conference, however it’s really important that we hear from you, so we can invite the very best speakers and schedule the most relevant topics for you.

We really want to shake up the agenda this year, but we can’t do it without you.

Perhaps you’ve seen a great speaker in action, or know of a great speaker that we’ve not invited before... or even have a great person in mind for a keynote?

If you can spare just 60 seconds to submit your ideas on both who you would like to hear speak and what topics you would like covered we would be very grateful.

Alternatively you can reply to this thread.