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Publishers Must Evolve for the iPad Generation

Publishers Must Evolve for the iPad Generation


Online behaviour is changing and affiliates need to adapt. It's something we've been exceptional at in the past; but what about the future?

Websites and Affiliates sometimes disappear as fast as they arrive; that’s natural but what is astonishing is the potential realisation that the super affiliates of tomorrow are yet to discover how the adoption of Performance Marketing could facilitate a sustainable, profitable and exit-able business.

Yesterday, 3 outstanding speakers presented at Digital Window’s Press event entitled The Future of Digital. The line-up including the editor of WIRED magazine David Rowan.

Naturally, my discussion points will be very different to the traditional digital journalists who I had the pleasure of sharing high tea with at the baroque and rather trendy Haymarket Hotel.

Web Apps and Mobile Adoption

Web apps, mash-ups, 3rd party apps, and smart data feed adoption are only part of the future picture.

Through the massive adoption of mobile and the fact that the mobile browser will outnumber the desktop by 2012; now is the time to act. Smart affiliates already are.

We are talking about an industry that according to David Rowan has revised worth this year from £1bn to an astonishing £12bn.

As app development becomes mainstream it will be intriguing to see how, as an existing community we can develop value add applications for the iPhone, iPad and future derivatives or whether we’ll see adoption from start-up companies who stumble upon the space and leave the affiliates of today behind.

Social Capital and Influence

We talked about this at length at a4uexpo Europe in Munich and I was astounded to hear that the average person who installs the facebook app on their mobile spends 55 minutes engaging with it each day.

Combine this with the fact that Facebook has now surpassed Google as the portal of choice. The message is clear.

As consumers shift and engage differently with the web, affiliates must evolve and stay ahead of that curve.

Let’s make a bold statement and say Google is no longer the destination site of choice how would this affect your business and traffic generation strategy? How can we sell effectively through social platforms like facebook as 3rd party developers.

Joint Venture Applications

As affiliates work closer with merchants, I’m going to predict that we’ll see a number of J/V web projects and mobile applications within the next 12 months.

Whilst sensitive commercial data can never be made available on an open source platform I do see the potential in very close, NDA based collaboration between merchants and developers. One of the speakers was rightly frustrated that it still took him 12 minutes to book a BA flight online.

Wouldn’t it be great if as affiliates we could utilise web or mobile technology to build a value add application to halve or greatly reduce this to say just 2 minutes through close merchant collaboration?

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Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood

Matthew is an 18-year industry veteran and behind the PI LIVE, the Influencer Marketing Show and the UK and International Performance Marketing Awards.

Matthew is co-founder and non-executive director of Optimus, an award-winning digital performance marketing agency and co-founder of vouchercloud.

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