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Calling All Affiliate Media Partners.

Calling All Affiliate Media Partners.


When Impact Radius went into beta launch early this year, the industry veterans behind its arrival deliberately set out to revolutionise our industry once more, answering both Affiliates’ (the team call them Media Partners - read on to find out why) and Advertisers’ needs for greater control and transparency across all of their Performance Advertising relationships.

As an extra incentive to a4u members, Impact Radius is also offering to pay a £100 bonus, read on to find out more.

Ricki Jones, Head of Business Development in the UK, explains: “The Impact Radius founders were at the forefront of our industry’s inception and have therefore been well placed to analyse its evolution and to respond to what it needs now. “They recognised that the industry now wanted to be able to customise and negotiate its own relationships, to have open access to manage ad inventory and most importantly, to have direct contact with each other to deliver even more profitable campaigns.”

As a result, the new Impact Radius platform was specifically built with Affiliates and Advertisers in mind, and provides the tools and technology needed to firmly put the key parties in the driving seat to discover and define their own partnerships without any third party intervention.

However, if this isn’t changing the game enough, the Impact Radius founders also recognised the opportunity to grow the market still further by uniting Performance Advertising campaigns across all media channels, be it TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print or Online, for the very first time. And that’s where you come in… As key ‘partners’ in the whole Performance Advertising dynamic, Affiliates become Media Partners on the new Impact Radius platform; a term that also embraces Publishers and Media Owners who are now incorporating Performance deals across other media channels. However, given past technology constraints, these channels have yet to fully realise the full business potential and you, as Online Performance Advertising experts, are therefore in a position of strength to help them shape campaigns alongside you, as well as to extend your talents beyond your Online territory.

Registering with Impact Radius is free to all Media Partners and will enable you to be listed on its open directory which is at its centre. Your listing is your shop window, allowing you to promote your available inventory and desired promotional opportunities to Advertisers and Agencies searching out new partnerships. It also gives you the chance to showcase your abilities and experience as this industry continues to grow.

As an extra incentive to a4u members, Impact Radius is also offering to pay a £100 bonus when you earn your first £1,000 in pay-outs. Just enter ‘a4u’ in the promotional code field. So if you fancy really taking control and being in the driving seat for all your Performance Advertising relationships, sign up TODAY with Impact Radius.

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