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Off the Record - 21st May 2010

Off the Record - 21st May 2010


In what was a very busy week with myself catching an emergency plane journey last Sunday to Munich, in the light of potenatial Volcano issues, I arrived in Munich for a4uexpo.

A few notable highlights from the trip included probably the best party we've ever put on for delegates at an a4uexpo, which was basically a rave in a field, but nobody will ever tell you that! A DJ set from speaker @BobRains, a massive stage with screens set up from floor to ceiling, two bars that never dried out and some fantastic music.

A few notable faces from the breakout party, it seems he was only playing 'guitar hero' a few hours previous(which he was pretty good at - beating Mr Popham and existem's best Pete Coles), guitaring was still on his brain at the party, obvisously!

From This:

Guitar Hero

To This:

Skype Me

We turned out to be very lucky and only had a couple of speaker casualties due to the Volcano, namely Mr Bailey, who thought it would be a good idea to fly out to dubai for a few days before a4uexpo. Needless to say we still caught up with him via Skype, where he presented, with a little help from yours truly, to over 100 people.

Bailey Picking Up His Oscar

That's The screen we used, admittedly it looks as though he's picking up an award.

The last night's party was also a fun affair, in a bar which was empty until around midnight, but then there must have been around 500 people in it! Whilst there was room to manoeuver the bar was taking requests for its singstar karaoke game.

First up - James Little - singing Spice Girls - Wannabe. I have been told that someone has filmed this, so i'm awaiting video footage...

I'm pretty sure there was also someone from a certain product feed company being carried out by two bouncers after deciding it would be fun to dance on the bar!


Finally, a note of slight apology to an ex colleague of ours here at existem, Darian. A big drum 'n' bass fan, I received a text from him Thursday midday (the night after the final party). I gave my phone to our events manager Sarah, who wanted to ring Darian and tell him how good the Drum 'n' Bass was at the club we were currently in...


Sorry, Mate!

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