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Off the Record - 23rd April 2010

Off the Record - 23rd April 2010


It's not often we're released let out of Bristol, especially in the weeks leading up to our a4uexpo and a4uAwards, both of which are 4-6 weeks away!

However, a few of us headed over to the LinkShare Symposium on Tuesday, of which the official report, you can find here.

Anyway, once the sessions and day networking had finished, we attended the evening's networking event in haymarket. So, without further ado;


It seems as though a certain full service digital media agency have taken initiative in correctly understanding how many drunken affiliate networking events can turn a little confusing when you wake up with many a business card but forget who they are! I present the business cards of the future:

Photos on Business Cards

Not sure on the pose, though.


Whilst enjoying a few shandy's myself and a fellow a4u'er witnessed someone who will not be named attempting to chat up a previous winner of the Apprentice at the bar. Guess Who?!


After catching up with Mr Cowley at the event who was sharing many a story with us, he did tell us that he is on his way to receiving his private pilot's licence! So, that's Mr Cowley, flying to a City near you soon, no doubt!

Laughed At

A late night Chinese Restaurant, around 20 hangers-on and more MSG Chinese food than we could possibly eat. Big thanks to LinkShare for helping us all fill our stomachs, and thanks to someone else for sharing 'Two Truths and a Lie' (apologies - a private joke!)

Food again!

In Other News

I thought my monitor was upside down when looking at the latest share price from AffiliateFuture's Parent Company, this morning.


Maybe AffiliateFuture have been working hard this year? The price of the company has almost doubled in a couple of weeks. Good work!

Caption Competition

Answers in comments below please! Winner gets a VETO from this column should the need ever arise!

Caption Competition!

Happy St. George's Day

Happy St. George's Day to you all!

If you can spare 3 mins and 45 seconds from your day, it's worth watching this Fanzone highlight from last week's Wigan vs Arsenal football game (ok, it's English football not necessarily English players). Coming back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 in the last 10 minutes really is that good!

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