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Off the Record - 9th April 2010

Off the Record - 9th April 2010

We hope all you Networks, Agencies and Merchants had a good Easter Weekend break, unlike all the Affiliates who as you know don't work 9-5 and slave away at a computer for ever and a day...

I saw a blog post from a certain Dom Hodgson, talking about the digital economy bill, that it costs £500 to stand as an MP. Which got me thinking:

Who would you choose?

Now, after the many, many, many private responses that I received (are you all scared at being quoted or something!?) it seems as though I can't 'name and shame'.

I can, however, supply you with everyone's reasons, and you can make an associated guess at each one. A point for each correct answer ;-)

"He makes more sense than all the MP's put together"

"Because he is good for talking AT people"

"As both he & MP's are close to the border line"

"She'd make an excellent foreign secretary"

"A Scary, Iron Lady"

"About as honest as a short days work, of which there seem to be many"

"Me. I'm a legend" - Zak Edwards (shamed!)

"They don't get more slimey than him"

"He reminds me of Gordon Brown!"

"Affiliate Marketing doesn't breed rounded enough people"

Answers on a postcard to

In Other News

Bebo has been made available for sale by AOL in the light of a heavy drop in members logging on over the past couple of years. The memberbase now stands at a 'measly' 12.8 million users, and apparently a price tag of around $1m. Not to be dettered, Affiliate veteran Chris Frost (Frostie on the forum) has had a mare brainwave and set up, asking all 12.8 million users for $1.

Or maybe he's joking...!

Things that made us laugh.

Slightly off topic of Affiliate Marketing but there were a couple of gems from the TV world recorded and uploaded. Firstly there's Sky's Lionel Richie lookalike Chris Kamara having a moment:

Secondly, you may remember our Off The Record @ The Races a couple of weeks ago. Well, the eventual winner of the Gold Cup was not one of the favourites, far from it. During a live BBC TV broadcast one westcountry punter shared his complete joy with the nation:

Before you say, I don't know him!

Note to Self: If you send this e-mail out to Affiliates which was forwarded on to me today, Affiliate Marketing probably isn't for you:

"We are writing to inform you that you have been rejected from the XXXXX Affiliate Programme, due to the merchant wanting to work on a CPA basis"

CPA... That's not Affiliate Marketing then confused

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