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Off the Record - 26/03/2010

Off the Record - 26/03/2010


It seems as though last week many of you were staying up until the early hours of the morning, engaged with your computer screen with an increasing ache in your arm.

Yep - the final deadline for the a4uAwards entries passed on Friday, with 44 of you leaving it until the last day to send your submissions! Seems like a classic case of Procrastination Stations, rather than Procreation Stations...

While we're on the subject of a4u (we don't talk about it often, honest) the cheapskates clever money savers amongst you will be interested to know that the Early Bird rate for a4uexpo Munich is ending on Thursday 1st April (no joke)

In Other News

Big thanks to Mark Smith for the interview we published on Tuesday. What was an insightful response to some challenging (you're welcome) questions, we felt the general response to the interview was well received, bar a few 'big words'. 'Synergistical', 'Opportunistic Acquisition', and 'Differentiation' to name a few! We're please to announce that Mark has released the Smith Thesaurus, below, to help the under educated.

Smith's Thesaurus

There was even a call from the World of 140 characters that Mark Smith's photo made him look like he was on Sky News. Speaking of Sky News - here's SEO Guru Dave Naylor being interviewed on Sky News. Talking initially about twitter, Dave then moves topic to cover the following - Teacher Training, Sex in the Dark, A Deputy in Kentucky and Johnny Depp in his new film...! #thingsyoudoforalink !

Affiliate Lookalikes - Part One

AffiliateFuture's Mr Exclusive, fresh from a Shower, a Shave and a Sh- Side Parting, caught here on the phone sealing the next exclusive deal. Thanks to our anonymous photo sender 'pistol' for this one.

James Little is Ron Burgundy.

Note to Self: If I can convince those broadcasting people with those morning tv shows that I get no financial gain from promoting my websites I could land myself on the sofa!

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