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Off the Record - 12th March 2010

Off the Record - 12th March 2010


A rather quiet week has just passed compared to events of the previous week, so much so even hard-to-please Clarke Duncan has suggested that Affiliate Marketing in the UK has become more exciting.

Clarke Duncan is Excitable

In Other News

In other news, we are not so pleased to announce that we had our first 'Pool' abusers this week. Negativity overshadows our industry sometimes, especially when 3 users abused the 'dislike' feature.

Don't think for one moment we don't know who you are! We soon found that these 3 users, from a 'super affiliate' company, had voted to 'dislike' every pool article posted by our members. Grow Up!

In other news, we need to issue an apology to long-time Affiliate Marketing great Nadeem Azam. Nadeem was horrified to hear that the Lead Generation forum was being closed. Nadeem commented:

"I'm going to miss all the lead gen discussions on a4u. I would grab a bag of pop-corn with some Ribena and have a chuckle reading all the finance guys bickering with each other about who had conned who."

Panic Not, Nadeem! There are now over 5 dedicated forums for lead generation activity over at the new to keep you occupied :)

On another note, what is Matt Bailey doing in Colombia, I hear you ask!

Reporting from our article on Digital Window - 8 days on, it looks as though COO Adam Ross will no longer be attending a fun filled few days at the Affiliate Summit, after stating that they see the UK Market as far more advanced than the US!

Adam Ross

Told you!

This week's note to self: When running an affiliate marketing agency, remember to tell the clients what Affiliate Marketing is.

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