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Paid On Results unveils New Interface

Paid On Results unveils New Interface


The Product Vault offers merchants the ability to create product lists on a particular theme for easy access by affiliates.

The tool will enable advertisers to push new releases, great buys and the best sellers with affiliates able to quickly pick up deep links and images of various sizes.

As it does not appear to be dynamic the success will depend on the frequency of update and the interaction of affiliate managers and agencies using the feature.

The simple but effective image vault offers an avenue for affiliates to quickly discover licensed images for use on blogs and content sites.

New features are always welcome within the affiliate space and perhaps we'll see the tool evolve so that increased product level commissions can be attached.

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Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood

Having spent time as managing director of vouchercloud, building a fantastic team, steering product & strategy and achieving treble digit YOY growth - Matthew is now back at where it all began and his ultimate passion, PerformanceIN.

Matthew is a 18-year industry veteran and behind the Performance Marketing Insights conference series, the Performance Marketing Awards, and the ceremony's European counterpart which debuted alongside PMI: Europe in Amsterdam in 2016.

Matthew is co-founder and non executive director of Optimus, an award winning digital performance marketing agency and remains an Investor at vouchercloud after the investment by Vodafone PLC in 2012.

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