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UK Marketers call for increased performance based marketing.

UK Marketers call for increased performance based marketing.


New research from a survey conducted by LinkShare to marketing professionals, found that while there is still some caution on post-recession activity, 69% of marketers believe 2010 would see digital marketing budgets increase - but called for increased performance based marketing and greater measurement and ROI.

The surveyed marketing professionals also expected consumer habits to remain largely the same, with 66% agreeing that consumers will stay with their new 'bargain hunting' habits even post-recession.

Unsurprisingly where industry trends are concerned, Social Media is still regarded as having the the most influence on digital marketing campaigns this year, with 74% of respondants rating this the most prominent. The next most popular choice was online vouchers and offers at 17%, with more creative techniques including interactive games, video and augmented reality receiving only 3% of the vote.

Liane Dietrich, MD of LinkShare UK says: “The call for an increase in performance based marketing is certainly in line with what we are seeing from our own customers, looking to fine-tune their online marketing initiatives in 2010. Affiliate marketing provides a good opportunity for those wishing to adopt this approach, as it is a targeted online marketing tool which can be closely monitored and tailored for the client to maximise ROI.”

In regards to the planning of online marketing activities during 2010, respondents agreed that the most important activity would be online vouchers, promotions or special offers was highest with 25% of the vote, ads on professional social networks and sponsored search engine links received 17%, and ads on personal social networks was lower at 14%.

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