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The LinkEngine technology that is currently available through's affiliate interface is now available in the form of a Firefox Add-on, which enables the ability to immediately receive your deeplink affiliate tracking links. Deeplink generator

With a 'Delicious' style button next to the address bar, clicking this will create an HTML-encoded deeplink for you to use within your site. HTML-encoded means pasting the link straight into a browser will not work, you have to add it to your site source code.

If aren't currently connected with the site you are trying to deeplink with, you'll receive a message telling you that deeplinking is not available for this merchant. Should you not be accepted onto the program, the popup will contain a link to the interface where you can apply.

As new Affiliate Applications are developed i'm sure this feature will be useful for affiliates, mainly by taking out a step of having to leave the page to create the link within the interface. For a future update it would probably be useful if you could generate the deeplink complete with your chosen link id.

Download the Deeplink Generator for Firefox through the LinkEngine tab of your interface.

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