Website Manager Website Manager
£20,000-£25,000 / Full-time


ROEYE Ltd Posted 9 years ago 2013-12-06 2013-11-08 Expired

Job Description:

The role of Website Manager is primarily to manage the portfolio of revenue generating websites owned by R.O.EYE, maintaining and updating the sites, spotting opportunities to improve functionality and returns, as well as identifying and assisting with the development of brand new websites. The candidate requires a strong attention to detail and ability to work under tight deadlines.

You will be enthusiastic about the online space and someone who can hit the ground running.

Basic Job Requirements:

Create, develop and manage content across all websites;

Suggest and assist with the creation of new websites;

Identify and suggest new websites to be created, leveraging and managing the available developer resource to deliver the projects on time;

Promote and increase visibility and traffic for the websites through search engine optimisation, PPC advertising, Facebook advertising etc;

Work towards increasing the overall revenue generated through the websites;

Keep current with emerging web technologies through relevant blogs and events;

Track and report on all site metrics;

Reporting directly to the Technical Director whilst working with other members of the technical department, email marketing department, and account managers;

Required Skills:

Ability to produce regular content across a broad range of categories;

Knowledge of common basic SEO techniques;

Knowledge of HTML, CSS and web CMS, such as WordPress or Drupal;

Knowledge, understanding and ideally exposure to affiliate marketing;

Managing PPC campaigns;

Knowledge of web analytics;

A solid commercial eye;

The specific skills mentioned above are highly desirable, however if the candidate is not familiar with all of these, yet has other experience which would be beneficial and also demonstrates the desire and ability to pick up new skills quickly, this will be taken into consideration.

Looking at a start date ASAP.