Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager
£24,000-£42,000 / Full-time

Remote / Contract

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NOTE: This vacancy is open to applicants worldwide.

AM Navigator is looking for new affiliate managers to join our growing team. We'll go from part-time to full-time work based on the outcome/results of a (paid) trial period.

Your key responsibilities will fall into 5 major areas (with the first two taking 75%-80% of the manager's time): 

(1) Affiliate Recruitment
Relying on an array of tools, methods, and techniques with the goal of identifying prospective affiliate partners (by relevant content and target audiences, as well as/or by their already-existing affiliate marketing relationships with the client's direct competitors or vendors selling similar or complimentary products (but catering to the same target users)). Tools provided by AM Navigator.

(2) Affiliate Activation 
Ensuring that recruited affiliates are actively promoting the clients (whose accounts you will manage).

(3) Compliance Policing 
Policing, reporting on, and preventing unwanted affiliate behavior (as specified in the advertiser's Terms of Service). Tools provided by AM Navigator.

(4) Support of Communication Channel
Affiliate outreach via bi-monthly newsletters as well as one-on-one communication with current and potential power performers.

(5) Program/ROI Optimization
Ongoing program optimization based both on replicating its own successes and on competitive intelligence data gathered by the manager.

Previous experience with affiliate (program) management (or affiliate marketing, in general) is strongly preferred.

Contact us via email at careers@amnavigator.com