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MDNA by Admedo

Key Services


MDNA is the next generation programmatic Demand Side Platform with a unique offering: we work on a performance-based model, so our clients only pay for success.

Using a purely CPA model, we operate with no up-front costs, no hidden fees and no nasty surprises. You only pay per conversion, allowing you to target the people who actually want your products, and successfully re-engage them in future.

Our proprietary technology is developed in-house. It uses first-and-third-party consumer data to engage prospective and existing customers in real-time, with online display and mobile ads. Transparency is key to the platform, giving affiliate networks, agency groups and brands uncensored insight into margin, spend and performance.

As experts in the performance marketing space, we not only offer solutions through our platform, but a dedicated consultation service, so that our clients are fully equipped with the strategic knowledge needed to excel in both the programmatic and affiliate space.