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Watch: Affiliate Traffic Quality & the Adult Publishing Sector
Image Credit  Johnny Silvercloud Creative Commons license

Watch: Affiliate Traffic Quality & the Adult Publishing Sector

Traffic quality; a pivotal consideration for any affiliate marketer and one worthy of taking a central role in a debate at Performance Marketing Insights: Europe last week (July 4).

The focus of the session, led by CAKE’s UK MD Ewan Derby, was to “broaden horizons” and enlighten a variety of publisher sectors - including adult, retail and app gaming - to the state of play of affiliate traffic sourcing and the activities that characterise each of these verticals.

With these sectors represented by Publisher Discovery’s Chris Tradgett, Advidi’s Mark Kammiga and ad2games’ Albert Schwarzmeier respectively, conversations around traffic quality took a swoop over brand safety, intent to purchase, ad blockers fraud, and the role of content.

‘Anything goes’

One of these sectors in particular, adult, attracts curiosity for its shadier role in performance marketing. This is a traffic source in which, due to its clandestine nature, says Tradgett, “anything goes”, and for the same reasons receives little in the way of media coverage.

These types of publishers, says Tragett, are “less constrained” with compliancy or brand issues than their retail counterparts, which can give rise to blackhat tactics, such as “fly-by” malware installs and pop-unders.

On the flip-side of this wild west reputation, the adult sector remains “incredibly lucrative”, Tradgett adds, and one that continues to be “heavily populated”.

For this reason, sites characterised as ‘adult’ have even attracted the attention of high-profile brands, who are willing to risk a portion of their public image to cast a net over this audience.

You can watch the full interview with Chris Tradgett below, where we discuss the workings of this highly interesting sector in more detail.

Mark  Jones

Mark Jones

Editorial Executive at PerformanceIN. Mark reports performance marketing news and manages PI's network of guest contributors.

Originally from Plymouth, Mark studied in Reading and London, eventually earning his Master's in Digital Journalism- before making his return to the West Country to join the PI team in Bristol.

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